Lola Malone

March 27, 2013



“Tattooing,clothing and generally just cool stuff”

Florida Road

Morningside, Durban

 031 303 8713

“Inspired by the 1950’s Rockabilly movement, Lola Malone is a unique “chopping & shopping” concept combining tattooing, clothing and a love for things retrospect, all under one roof. ”

Lola Malone is probably one of the best examples of the innovative and trendy concepts emerging from Durban as of late. LM goes far beyond the general stigmas of tattoo parlors and has morphed into a brand and a social spot.

After Lady Lola’s relaunch last year, the store has simply and undoubtedly gone from strength to strength. Lola’s saw the arrival of a group of enigmatic and skilled staff as well as quality tattoo’s leaving the shop.

Personally,out of all of the places around the world and country that I have been inked, Lola’s is the friendliest and cleanest chop shop to walk into. Anyone is welcome and respected which is sometimes a rare feat for a tattoo bar. LM proudly breaks these stigma’s of the tattooing world and offers a vibe that is unique and authentic.

If you aren’t thinking about inking just yet,then head this way if you are simply thinking about drinking instead. LM hosts some rad evenings of late night shopping and chopping and well as musical performances for all to enjoy. LM events have been linked to local likes of Catlike Thieves ,Asleep in Transit and Watershed. If the fun gigs are still not enough for you, then swing by to check out the original brands that Lola stocks.Not only do they boast their own line of clothing ,but LM tends to house out-of-the-box brands that aren’t easy to come by in the 031.

Lola Malone has undeniably begun to cement itself in the Durban scene. LM is featuring not only as a social spot, brand and respected tattoo parlor ,but as a force to be reckoned with.


More info:

The team: Dok,Tarzan and Good Nic

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