Spiga Durban North

March 4, 2014


I was fortunate enough to be invited to one of the test-driving nights of Spiga Durban North and am very excited to announce to you all that after months in the making, it opens up today to the public. Cue stampede.

Classic Spiga vibes with a just a little more chicness, making it my next go-to place for birthday bookings or predrinks. Hearty Italian food, boss service and the friendly, relaxed Spiga atmosphere us Durbanites have all grown to love.

Best part is that soon they’ll be opening up a deli as well as a collection of unique kitchen gadgets and decor especially sourced for the discerning Spiga customer. I say!

Paul and I were treated to a three course meal. Artichoke hearts, carpaccio, seafood pastas and a volcano chocolate pud, lawdy lawd, did we leave there with a fat food baby.

Spiga Durban North

Mackeurtan Avenue

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