My new obsession: Teapigs tea

June 2, 2015


Yes, I’m a tea snob – what of it?

I love tea – it’s as simple as that. But couple tea with some unique flavours, epic branding and Pinterest-worthy packaging and you have here a women obsessed. Teapigs is a brand of tea originally from the UK but thankfully the Tea Gods saw fit to launch it here in SA too.

We’re talking flavours like liquorice and peppermint, chocolate flake and apple and cinnamon. Whether you’re looking for a green tea to start your day or a sweeter one to enjoy after dinner, there are so many unique and tasty flavours. If you’re a tea enthusiast like me – you’ll freak! They’re also great for making a nice jug of iced tea – you could whip up some for a dinner party and be like, super fancy and stuff.

The best part? These teas are naturally caffeine-free and the tea temples are 100% biodegradable. Win for your boday, win for mama earth.

I love the taste and vibe of these teas so much that I will be selling them to tea-lovers alike in and around the 031. They make exceptional gifts for friends, family or more importantly – for yourself.

Each “tea temple” (because teabags are so last season and tea is pretty much sacred) make a couple of cups and sell at R12 each. You can choose 10 assorted flavours for R110 and boxes of 15 of the same flavour start at R120. This is not the sorta tea you can find at Spar down the road so the prices aren’t gonna be the same as your cup of roses. Ironically, the name Teapigs is qualified by the slogan “No airs and graces – just fine tea.” It’s all so worth it – you’re not only getting loads of natural ingredients but a hella tasty tea experience.


Superfruit – bursting with super berries

Sweet Treat – Liquorice and Peppermint

Lazy Days – Lemon and Ginger

Skinny Dessert – Rooibos Creme Caramel

Bolly Good – Chai

Drink It Raw – Chilli Chai

Melt Away – Chocolate Flake

Fruit and Spice – Apple and Cinnamon

and so many more. Like seriously, there are a bazillion flavours.

Check out the full selection right here.

Email me on if you’d like your own selection of teas. I keep an assortment in a big jar at my flat and it’s always a treat to offer guests a flavour of their choice or make a pot in the morning when my boyfriend or bestie sleep over. It’s ESPECIALLY great when I’m home alone, having a bubble bath and needing a cuppa something hot after a long work day and a hectic yoga class.

Basically, there’s no bad time for tea.

Cheers to that!

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