Beer and art? SOLD!

August 27, 2015



Hella good art, my favourite craft beer and a sneaky spot of shopping? You had me at hello…

The Commune are hosting Stellies artist, Claudia Liebenberg, next week for an evening of art, From The Zee Craft beer, shopping and all round good vibes.


I caught up with this super-talented artist and asked her a few questions so that we can all be best buds with her by the time she rolls round to the 031.


Trust me, she sounds like someone we’ll all be vying for the coveted BFFE title with by next week Thursday.



What inspired you to start painting motorcycles in particular?


The very simple answer is because I love ‘em. I’ve been surrounded by some sort of machine for as long as I can remember and not having an appreciation would just do injustice to the oil in my blood. I guess it’s always been such a solid part of my life, that they found their way into my work very early on.


Motorcycles are in my opinion timeless. There is a simple joy that comes with that freedom of movement. Remember when you got your driver’s license and that feeling you had the first time you drove somewhere alone? Well, on a motorcycle, it’s that feeling every time. There is risk involved, as you are exposed and maybe that’s just it :)





Do you only use ink and watercolours or do you dabble in other mediums?


I work mostly with watercolour and haven’t messed around with graphite/ink for a while. Graphite does not really display well on screen. The viewer can’t get close to see the movement of the pencil, so the piece easily looks flat. Some of that interactive quality is lost even with the watercolour pieces that go up digitally, but they still carry themselves more gracefully for the audience regardless. This is why expos are so great – you can really interact with the captured movement of coloured water on a textured paper.





Tell us a bit about your personal lifestyle – what happens BTS?


I cannot recommend having at least one hobby enough. Please have hobbies! Go on, get your hands dirty. It’s so refreshing to switch tasks, switch off…like for the guys to go into the garage and fix and figure things out, no conversation or words, just hands and head and heart (ok, maybe some tunes).


Travel – yes please. Camping and the accompanying activities – some friends and I tripped up to Nam in June this year…desert winters, freezing Skeleton Coast waters, burning sand, fire place making melody in my heart and coffee comforting my cold hands…I got carried away there.


Leather crafting. If I’m not saving a million ideas for merchandise, then I’m making stitching holes in the piece that lies in eye sight of my desk. Weekends are a mixed bag. DIY things, friends, gigs, the occasional nothingness with a book and a pen. Somewhere in nature or on the beach, a market or on the road just for fun…there are weekends (many this year) that have had to be sacrificed for the sake of business building. That’s ok for now too.


Catch up with Claudia face to face next week 3 September.


CLICK HERE for her website

CLICK HERE for the event page




Photo by Jessie Enslin

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