It’s my party and I’ll flex if I want to!

December 14, 2015

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Another year, another birthday. This time I celebrated with a picnic in my garden, despite it being the rainiest month of the year.  

Take a look!

I celebrated my 26th birthday surrounded by some really amazing people. And the feathery remnants of a pigeon that had been munched on by a hawk in the garden earlier that day.

Despite the threatening rain showers, we all had a marvellous little garden party complete with gold balloons and candy-striped bunting. There was also a Boston pup present just to typify things even more. (Thanks for brining Bobbi, Erin and Dylan!)

12314144_10153063830886735_6562777122911475206_o12304510_10153063830571735_207280116864160470_oMy bestie baked me the most gorgeous cakes – A Hummingbird plus a dark chocolate raspberry one and I was spoilt with a Jane Sews tote bag by a few of my friends.

The day remained picture perfect until about 3:30 and we had to up and run for shelter under the garage. I’m stoked to say that none fucks were given and the party continued throughout it all (probably thanks to the copious amount of GNT’s that were consumed.)


I felt so so lucky to have such wonderful friends and truly have so much to be grateful for. Like a boyfriend who willingly cleaned up pigeon pieces for me so I could throw a picnic party.


Thanks to everyone that came out – you’re all the real MVP’s!





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