So long, 2015!

January 4, 2016

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My annual round-up of ups and downs from the year that was and what I hope for 2016.

I saw a Facebook status this past week that said “instead of making new year’s resolutions, why not make a list of what you overcame or accomplished over the last year and be inspired by that instead?”

My thoughts exactly. Here’s what went down in ’15 – the good, the bad and the ugly – as told by Instagram pics!

I went on my first cave hike. And then a few more. 11108941_10152633179206735_5580770349475234239_n

Worked my butt off over many late nights to reach some important work milestones.

Got a couple new pieces of ink. Sorry mom.11219073_10152672434836735_3531339902202887374_n

Said goodbye to my pet rat Skulley. RIP.


Rocked out at plenty of gigs and Splashy Fen thanks to Jose Cuervo.


Got challenged to a Juiced Co 3 day juice cleanse and did it! At the same time braved Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cleanse. 



Went to a shamanic retreat for a life-changing sweat lodge experience. 

Spend loads of time at my boyfriend’s family farm, swimming in reservoirs, running through mielie fields and hunting for chameleons.



Got asked by a very near and dear friend to be her bridesmaid!

Learnt to put myself first.

Started writing a column for The Sunday Times.


Somehow, ran a 10k marathon.

11951765_10152901325036735_5389340021449529357_n got a sweet little make-over! Goodbye Tumblr, hello WordPress.

Drank A LOT of Steph Weiss.


Chopped (nearly) all my hair off. Then cut bangs.


Finally got my own freaking laptop while learning a hard lesson about evil banks and how they’ll shnaai you hard if you’re not careful! I’m looking at you, FNB.


Continued my nail obsession thanks to Courtney Shaw


I’m not even lying when I say I tried to become a Youtuber. Filmed myself, watched the footage and was like * haha lol no*

Spent a few weekends camping in the Berg or chilling at backpackers down the South Coast. KZN, you are something.


Thought I’d finally mastered adulting and taxes. Thought.

Had an incredible Girl’s Weekend to Cape Town with my bestie which I’m pretty much still broke from.


Did a Capsule Wardrobe challenge in a futile bid to become a minimalist.

11986574_10152903048366735_565628491473212698_n Lost my dearest nan, Jewel.

Spent a few days in hospital. Here’s to better health this year!

Had a few epic dress-ups!


Celebrated a year with my dear Garth.


Started and got addicted to, Ashtanga Yoga.

Finally booked tickets to China!

Resigned from my job to take on new challenges.

Turned 26. Goodbye early – mid 20’s. So long youth.


Roadtripped through the Eastern Cape.


Had another treasured NYE with even more treasured friends.

In 2016 I want to:

Learn to speak kindly to myself.

Buy less stuff.


Here’s hoping 2016 will be the baddest bitch of em all. Cheers!









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