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Brought By Rain

February 22, 2015



When my not so little brother told me he was “a screamer” in a band, I really didn’t know what to expect. 


You’d think I’d be automatically bias towards anything my little brother did, but to hear he’d suddenly procured this hidden singing talent made me worry that I’d have to be the one thinking “Steve, no, not happening son.” It’s not that I am the world’s worst sister, I suppose just a protective one who’s used to her brother’s crazy ass ideas. But at the end of the day, I’m always amped for fresh blood just getting out there to make some music so I packed up my notebook and camera and headed out to Drummond. I had to go check out what Steve had been raving about for the past few months, since him and two of the other members met at a house party and decided to put a band together. As you do.


I arrived at an old-school garage band setup and was
immediately blown away by this five piece set. It was pretty epic to see these
young teens, most of whom are busy with Matric this year, just making some goddamn
good music while their “stekkies” sat around looking nonplussed, playing with a
pet snake. It was like the seventies in there and it only got better as they started


Look, they’ve only been at it for a few weeks and are still
figuring their shit out but I was blown away by the skill these punks had and
their ability to mix up a few different genres of music to create a unique
style. They’re currently playing around with covers, mixing up some hip-hop
into metal and putting together a few songs of their own and it’s sounding
pretty fucking rad already – I couldn’t have been prouder to be honest.


Brought By Rain consists of Thatu (17) on bass, Kewin (17) guitar
and back up vocals, Keegan (17) guitar, Steven (19) lead vocals and Zac (19) on
drums. They cite Asking Alexandria and Of Mice and Men as their main
inspiration but aim to add a little Papa Roach and Billy Talent into the mix,
while classifying their overall style as alternative rock. They all have big
dreams outside of the band, don’t rate themselves too school for cool and seem
to have their heads screwed on which I find refreshing. I asked them what they’d
really like people to know about their band from the get go – “We’re all pretty
sexy and some of us are even single.“

There you have it, you heard it here first.



November 17, 2014



Durbs, you’re in for a treat this Friday. Cool Runnings is hosting one sweet street party with a rather epic lineup. If you’re already on that end-of-the-month budget, no strezzz, here’s how to score some free tickets.

Kick this summer off by taking in two of Cape Town’s freshest and finest new acts at Durban’s hidden gem, Cool RunningsThor Rixon and Diamond Thug are embarking on a nationwide tour that sees them stopping off for a street party in our humble little party town. Yup, a street party. If the weather plays ball we’ll be dancing under the stars, if not, we’ll pack out the inside and party all the same with HOURS , The Sisters and DJ Fuego Heat joining the Capetonians in making you dance. 

If like me, the names Thor Rixon and Diamond Thug initially mean nothing to you, then peep these vids. Hey look, I live under a rock most of the time but it only took about 3 minutes to get me utterly stoked on their individually unique sounds. I can totally imagine “dancing under the stars” while listening to their mellow vibes. 


Thor Rixon ft Inge Beckmann  – Misery Belle


Diamond Thug – What I Think Now

Pretty cool huh? 

To win a set of double tickets to this kick-ass event, simply comment and tell me what your biggest fear is. This is a safe space, share in on your secrets kids. Also, a little humour never hurt nobody.

PS: This is gonna seem like a very arb question if you haven’t watched the videos so go back and do your homework you delinquents! 

Fo’ mo’, check the Facebook event here.


Woman Crush: JungFreud

September 30, 2014



I first laid eyes on this breath of fresh sub-culture air at Oppikoppi, in August this year.

After watching her effervescent performance alongside P.H Fat on their crack track (my new term for addictive beats) “Lights Out”, I simply had to get more of this SA local with a soulful voice and wicked rhymes.


With a sound and (deep) lyrics as soothingly philosophical as her stage name, it’s no wonder I got roped into her cheeky verses and throwback-esque musical stylings. She also sites some of my favourite African talent as her sources of inspiration, making my connection to her music all the more obvi.

She’s definitely her own brand of cool and the sort of effortless local talent that makes my heart beat all kinds of excitement. I pretty much pushed play on her Soundcloud and haven’t looked back since. Nor removed my headphones.

Nonku Phiri aka JungFreud is the kind of artist Redbull wants to fvck with, and the kind of girl C-HEADS magazine wants to profile. She’s also South African music royalty, with her pops being acclaimed jazz muso, Ray Phiri.

I can’t get enough of her music, her voice, her style – so check her out, mayn.


Image Source


February 10, 2014

BEATS / General

Durbanites will now be familiar with the soulful, folky sounds of Nhlanhla Majozi – The Litchi Orchid’s very own musical prodigy. Since then he has fanned out into most local music venues and never fails to surprise and impress his crowd.

In light of his much anticipated music video release for The River, today at 1pm, I caught up with him to pick his brain on a few things.


Whaddup MJ! Give us the rundown – who is Majozi?

M: I am 26 years old and brought up in Mount Edgecombe. My mother was a maid and because of her and the family she worked for that basically adopted me, I had an awesome childhood. I am a musician, and music director at Linc Church. 

What sort of music do you play and who are you inspired by? 

M: The term that I’ve heard a lot of people use to describe me is indie-folk and I’m cool with that. It doesn’t mean that it’s strictly what I am and what I play, but it gives people a cool idea of my vibe. I’m inspired by a lot of Johnny Cash, The Killers, Kings of Leon, City and Colour, Thrice and largely by my faith.

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

M: Enjoying this crazy ride that my life is on and finally getting to meet Jenna Kelly in person!

When did you begin this journey and what has been the biggest moment of your career so far?

M: Probably when I left my job at the bank. People thought I was crazy because I wasn’t exactly sure what was gonna happen, but I felt really good about my decision. I took a leap of faith and so far it’s paid off far more than I could ever have imagined. Biggest moment – opening for Gangs of Ballet and Zebra and Giraffe at Live. I was as nervous as hell, but it was a really life-altering night. Oh and of course, making it to No. 9 on iTunes last year.

How do you manage to not allow your religion to get in the way of how people view your music? And how do you allow your beliefs to govern you in an industry that is predominately fuelled by alcohol and anarchy? 

M: To be honest I’m not sure. I guess I just figure that if I write good enough music that everyone will enjoy it. My music obviously has a certain theme – it’s who I am. I write about things I know and how I understand the world. I’m a Christian and flipping stoked about it. Based on my understanding of the Bible I do have certain boundaries for sure, but I also have a lot of freedom. I guess If I had to sum it up I would say I try to love people as Jesus did, have a whole bunch of crazy fun and know who I am.  


What’s your best thing to do in Durbs?

M: I dig going to gigs, movies, visiting rad coffee shops with mates and hitting the beach for a ‘shorey bru’. My Achilles Heel is a good restaurant. I love me some good food. 

How do you feel about the Durban music scene as a whole and what would you change?

M: Well I think things are changing. Guys like Bob Perfect and few others are organising events and giving guys kiff platforms to play on. Live the Venue is one of the best venues in the county and has a variety of bands throughout the year. The Upstairs has also become a rad place to go and do anything really. The Winston is like Bruce Willis (Die Hard) and there’s so many other places that cater to different tastes. There’s more rad stuff happening than ever before and I think we can celebrate that! The city is coming alive and so are its people but I wish everything would have better attendance. What would I change? More money for the musicians and organisers. Ha ha! Right now they are running on love and we are lucky to have such passionate people but, love ain’t gonna full a belly!

Tell us a bit about the process for your new music video. 

M: It started of with early morning sunrise shots – an old man and young girl down by a river around some sugar cane somewhere on the North Coast. Those shots were used for the storyline of the song and we ended off with some scenes of me playing at a concert. It really was an awesome day. The guys got some awesome footage and I’m really stoked with what they did with it. Tim Hay (Director), Simon Wilkes (Camera Wizard) and Yash (camera) all were involved and they were boss. I basically had two stories I wanted to tell. One of an old alcoholic man whose lost everything and another about a 17 year old prostitute, who is sent to work by her father. The song and video ends with hope for both of them as they end up by the river where they find their salvation.

Worst experience you’ve had with the industry so far?

M: I’ve honestly been really lucky, my experience has been amazing! People have been really awesome and friendly towards me. If I had to pick one moment I’d say the low attendance at the YOAV gig at Live. He deserved a bigger audience.

Majozi is one of the most humble and dedicated local artists I’ve ever had the privilege of interviewing – check out his music video at 1 pm today here. I can promise it is going to be absolutely epic.


Photos by Claudia Whittaker

Speaking Off Tha Record

January 29, 2014

BEATS / General


This Friday, I’m really looking forward to a little shindig happening at Cool Runnings, Deben. 

Ok so what someone said “vinyls” and “hip-hop” and my boyfriend just happens to be slapping the bass on stage that night, my interest is still completely unbiased. I spoke to some of the people behind the scenes in order to better explain this sweet initiative and what you can expect if you mission into town this weekend. 

How, when and why did #Offtharecord get started ?

T: The concept was based on a the vibe of an old school block party (old school in the sense of using analogue equipment which has rarely been seen of late, like turntables). It was born after a vinyl session between RobThaBanka and Ninja X. The authentic sound of music that comes from vinyl nostalgically gave birth to this idea for a backstreet party. The first #OffThaRecord happened in September 2013, and it’s been jumpin’ ever since.

#OffThaRecord serves as a platform for vinyl spinning DJs to show off their craft. It’s one of the homes for local hip-hop heads and alternative music appreciators to unite and unwind. The idea is to share common space, with like-minded people who thrive on indulging in innovative craft characterised by the arts.

What can we expect from this upcoming gig? 

T: Every #OffThaRecord session strives to be different from the last. This Friday, #OffThaRecord will present the new 9II5band, comprising of experienced musicians from some of Durban’s most accomplished bands. Steve Jones (Sibling Rivalry/City Bowl Mizers) on drums, Paul Jones (Lowprofile) on bass, Devin Carter (The Accidentals/Sibling Rivalry) on guitar and Kurt Peinke (City Bowl Mizers/K-Bomb) on keys. The band will be performing alongside some of Durban’s acclaimed Emcees including Raheem, DC Crew, Champ, Jahson and Dr Bone.

Will there be more of these events in the future?

#OffThaRecord is the future … every second Friday we “TURN UP.”


RSVP to the FB Event here for more details and updates.

Still not convinced? Get a taste of the vibe here.

Plus, you’ll get to witness me embarrass myself on the dance floor. 

J xx

The Dollfins

January 9, 2014

BEATS / General / PEOPLE


I tend to jump on trains, a million miles after they left the station. It’s ok, I don’t mind being uncool and a little late on the uptake. I do mind however that no-one told me about female-fronted retro-punk band, The Dollfins, until I watched them play at Live in December .

My god. Is there a superlative for obsessed? Oh yeah, it’s stalker. Which is exactly what I looked like after I drunkenly cornered their bassist after the gig to fangirl a bit. 


They’re all freaking hot. And punk-rock as fuck. And a little bit old-school. And I would be lying if I didn’t draw the obvious comparison to the lead’s vocal and personal style, to that of Alison Mosshart. Or maybe, I don’t have a refined enough palette to be making these wild statements, which is all the more reason for you to check them out and decide for yourself. 

The three-piece set has been rocking and rolling around SA for quite a few years now and this review by Roger Young for Rolling Stone, pretty much says what I wish I could have articulated sooner.


In the spirit of anarchy and general bad-assness,I stole all these pics from their Facebook page so you should check that shit OUT.

And also their SoundCloud.

And this video.


Tuesday Tunesday: The Dead Weather

December 11, 2013

BEATS / General

Happy belated Tuesday Tunesday! I couldn’t bring myself to post anything yesterday, given that the whole of SA was focused on Mandela’s Memorial, so apologies for the delay.

Anyways, I had the honour of hosting Capetonian Band Red Huxley at my humble abode this past weekend, and their very cool bassist Matthew, put me onto this band called The Dead Weather. They’ve been around for quite some time, but this was the first that I had ever heard of them, and I am already HOOKED! I was even teased that I was raving about them, even though I had pretty much only been listening to them for all but three seconds. Well three seconds was all it took to get me into this soulful, sexy, badass rock ‘n roll. Bring me a tumbler of whiskey and a cigar – it’s about to get crazy up in here!

The Dead Weather formed in 09 with a babe called Alison Mosshart as lead vocalist and the God that is Jack White also lending his voice as well as musical talents. The other two members include Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence – all well-known names in the rock industry so it’s no wonder that this band is golden. 

Try out these songs and see if ya dig as much as I do:

I Can’t Here You

The Difference Between Us


Rolling In On A Burning Tire

J xx

Red Huxley in the 031

December 3, 2013


When I first heard Red Huxley, I got that same feeling I get when I listen to Hendrix or The Black Keys. The feeling where I just want to do something recklessly rock ‘n roll like jump in my car, light up a smoke, fall in love with a stranger or drive into the night without paying my library fines.

I got even more excited to find out that these boys hailed from the Mother City. Their sound is rather unique to the SA music scene, making these soulful rock ‘n rollers a pleasure to hear at local gigs.

The band is made up of Dylan Jones on guitar, Matthew Pullen on bass and Murray Stephenson on drums and these boys have been melting faces as well as hearts since 2010.

Naturally, I was in my eli when I heard that these kids would be shaking up my home town for the very first time. This would also be the only chance I’ve had since Splashy Fen this year, to see these guys live in action. This is a band and they make me dance, ok?! 

I caught up with Red Huxley, to ask them a few questions, so that us Durbanites, know what to expect this weekend.

Red Huxley Is …

A rock band from Cape Town, who have just released their debut album recorded with Eagles of Death Metals’ guitarist, Dave Catching, in his studio in Joshua Tree, California.

We’re amped to play Durban because

We are yet to play a show there. We had one of our best jams at Splashy Fen at the beginning of this year, just a taste of what KZN has to offer. 

We’ve heard Durban women are…

Crazy and that they love stampeding rock gigs straight from the beach in their bikinis. 

The craziest band member is

All of us actually, because we tend to go mental depending on the time of year and the amount of Jagermeister there is in the atmosphere.

Our music sounds like

Loud jamming rock music mixed with chilled bluesy soul with a drop of old school rock and roll.

 Don’t come to our gig without…

Your party pants on. 

Our biggest secret is that…

We’re planning to make our way into the eardrums of everyone in the world!

The worst music artist out right now is…

Anyone that is chasing dolla and surfing trends instead of being awesome!

You can catch these talented rockstahs at The Winston this Friday or at Live on Saturday night.

You can also get the lowdown on Red Huxley here. 

Tuesday Tunesday

October 1, 2013

BEATS / General

In honour of the up and coming Vodacom In The City lineup:

1. Brazen- Skunk Anansie

2. Matilda – Alt J

3.This is what it feels like – Banks

4. Because of You – Skunk Anansie

5. BreezeBlocks – Alt J

6. Help Me Lose My Mind – Disclosure

7.Tick Tick Boom – The Hives

8. My Circle – Glass Popcorn

9. Hate To Say I Told You So – The Hives

10. Squander – Skunk Anansie 

J xx