Faithful To Nature: March Haul

IMG_1141I recently copped a few Mama Earth friendly finds from Faithful To Nature.

Here’s what I got and how I feel about it.

I’m not going to bore anyone with a long-winded list of how we as humans are being harmful not only to our own bodies, but the planet too, with all our chemical-laden products and wastage. (But I’m happy to chat about it if anyone’s ever interested!)

My motivation for trying to buy more eco-friendly products is because I’m supporting local, keeping toxins off my body and out of the ocean. I’m also moving on from any products that support any sort of animal testing. So in my eyes, the positives seem obvious enough without having to fear-monger anyone into following suit.

Faithful To Nature is a CT based online store that stock a wide range of cruelty-free, chemical free, mostly organic and mainly locally-produced goods – from food to household cleaners to make-up and body products, they have it all. I was very impressed with their service, prices and the goods that were delivered to me and I already have my second order on the way. Plus they threw in a handwritten “welcome” note and a few little baggies of products and powders to try – which totally sealed the deal for me.

Please note: I’ve made my friends promise to let me know if I start smelling like “too herbal”, but it seems I’m in the clear. Using these products doesn’t mean you have to rebel against society and head for a commune. They’re for anyone and everyone.

Here’s what I got in my first (but definitely not last!) package!


TeaTree1. Treemendous Organic Tea Tree Shampoo

Leaves my hair squeaky clean, light and soft. I only wash it about every three days now!


2. Moonbeam Natural Olive Oil Soap

Your skin is your largest organ so when you’re using chemically-laden body washes and soaps, you’re absorbing them and your poor lymph system has to deal with all the toxins. This natural soap is refreshing and leaves me feeling like a mediterranean goddess.


3. Maca Capsules

Maca is an incredible super food that helps with hormonal health. I can definitely say I’ve seen a major difference with my (normally awful) PMS symptoms


4. Nature’s Lab Aqua Roll On Deo

Not only are aerosols terrible for the planet, but putting them on your armpits is a fast-tracked way to get those toxins and aluminum into important glands. This deo is au naturale and really works!



Yes guys, this is a moon cup – which I used to cringe at the thought of until I learned about all the bleach and pesticides used to make regular cotton tampons. Plus, did you know the average women will use around 14 000 tampons or pads in her lifetime? Now think about all the women in the world and think about how much non-recyclable landfill that makes up. Yuk! This little guy can be reused for 5 years and is hypoallergenic and biocompatible. I haven’t had a chance to use it but will let you guys know how it goes because I think their cause is important – they help provide these cups to underprivileged ladies who can’t afford sanitary items and end up missing school or work as a result. Read more here!


6. Multi-purpose Wonder Spray

The wonderful woman who helps me clean my flat couldn’t stop gushing about this all natural cleaning spray – worked like a charm everywhere from my bath to kitchen counters.


7. Organic Tulsi Tea

Being an A blood type, I’m prone to being a stresspot who produces higher levels of cortisol, which basically isn’t good for business. One of the things recommended to reduce cortisol is “Holy Basil” or Tulsi tea. So I gave up my coffee *sniff* and now opt for this naturally calming herbal tea instead – which is super yum!


8. Organic Turmeric and Calcium/Magnesium capsules

I’ve already introduced you guys to the Maca capsules but the other two are important supplements for almost anyone’s health. Turmeric taken daily has a wide range of incredible effects but mainly I take it for it’s anti-inflammatory properties while my Magnesium/Calcium/Zinc complex also helps keep me relaxed, sleep better and lower those cortisol levels while helping with bone health and a whole host of other things!

**It’s important to state at this point that I’m not a healthcare professional and I chose these supplements after LOADS of research and consultation. Everyone is different so naturally, everything works differently! Make sure to check up what supplements you need and what doses are best advisable.**

I really love each and every product and can’t wait for my second package to arrive! Let me know what you think or if you’ve got any natural products to recommend.


J x



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