Mexico Dreaming: Why A Beachfront Getaway To Mexico Is On My List


It’s easy to dream of tropical beaches once the weather turns cold. Mexico has long-been on my travel list not only for the gorgeous beaches and scenery, but also for the delicious food and the amazing lifestyle. I’m picturing perfect meals of fresh tortillas and veggies, lazy days spent soaking up the sun, cerulean blue waters, and relaxing under the palm fronds. And what better way to travel than to stay in one of the amazing beachfront homes in Mexico that are available for rent. Renting a luxury home is probably one my favourite ways to see a place as it allows me to get out and about like a local, without being restricted to the walls of a resort or a hotel. When I stay in a luxury home I enjoy all the perks of staying in an actual home, minus the cold and sterile feeling of so many hotel rooms. So when I say that Mexico is on my list, this is how I’ll be seeing it, and here’s a few reasons I can’t wait to travel to Mexico this season.

Delicious Food


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The food in Mexico really can’t be beat. Unlike so many of the Mexican restaurants you find elsewhere in EU and U.S., the food in Mexico is actually much simpler and healthier. Made mostly of locally-sourced fresh ingredients like corn and flour tortillas baked fresh every morning, and finely chopped tomatoes, onions, and chiles, this food really can’t be beat as far as flavor. The tropical diet is one of fruity drinks, salt-rimmed margaritas with lime, and local favorites in every region. I don’t just like the food in Mexico, I love it. And it’s an awesome feeling to be able to eat your favorite food at a fraction of the cost you find it for at home. Because local ingredients don’t cost nearly as much, some of my favorite meals easily go for half the price that I’m used to paying at home. In Mexico you really can eat well while still living relatively cheaply, leaving tons of extra vacation funds for sightseeing, trips to the spa, and shopping sprees.

Amazing Scenery


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I adore the gorgeous scenery in Mexico and how diverse it can be depending on where you stay. From mountains to jungles to paper-white beach sand, it’s really one of those landscapes you can’t get enough of. Just looking out over the landscapes in Mexico sends me into a dreamy half-awake state, where I almost can’t even focus on anything other than just looking around at what’s in front of me. There’s really fewer places that are better for a relaxing escape filled with long sunny days of daydreaming than the Mexican coast.

Perfect Beaches


The beaches in Mexico are some of the best in the world, and there’s a reason so many movies are filmed there. While some are known for amazing sea turtle sightings, others have some of the biggest waves for surfing in the world. Some beaches are overcrowded with resort visitors, but so many are as peaceful and beautiful as that screensaver you spend hours longingly staring at everyday. It’s easy to find your perfect beach in Mexico, whether you crave the romance of a gondola ride or the perfect isolation of your beach chair under a palm tree in front of the Caribbean. If you like people watching, be sure to check out the popular beaches in Acapulco, Cancun, and Cabos. Settle down in the rows of umbrellas and lounge chairs and order a drink for beach service. One of the best parts of staying in a luxury home is being able to escape the resort crowds when you want, but still benefit from the amazing perks of a nearby beach resort. Make a spa appointment or take advantage of the beach service before escaping back to your own personal paradise in a luxury rental.

Unlimited Relaxation

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Mexico is one of my favorite places to vacation for its sheer relaxation factor, which is pretty hard to beat. Because of the amazing lifestyle, you’re never far from a great place to eat a meal or an amazing and beautiful spot to relax for a few hours. Meals, as previously mentioned, are super affordable, and the cities surrounding resorts spare no luxury in providing great amenities for guests and visitors. At any time of day or night you can easily find what you’re looking for, and just the general atmosphere of the country is one that encourages relaxation. The long hot days make you slow down and take in everything happening around you, and you’re never too far from the coast where you can take a dip and cool off. Staying on beaches with surfers you can get in on some local culture and watch them take on the big waves, or just relax in a local beach bar for a drink mid-afternoon. Buy a fresh coconut from a vendor along the beach to stay hydrated, and be sure to bring lots of sunscreen to keep from burning in the hot sun. Travelling to Mexico means unparalleled gorgeous weather and long sunny days spent outside for reflection and pure you-time. It really is the perfect place to recharge all your batteries and leave stress behind. I hope you enjoy this idyllic country as much as I will on your next vaca!

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