My Current Obsession: Coconut Water

coconut water

I love sharing my natural health/beauty tips and faves so here is my latest. Nevermind the coconut oil, here’s why I’ve poured coconut water over 2016.

It’s delicious. It’s refreshing. It’s good for you. Shouldn’t that be enough? Coconut water is my favourite treat at the moment and my darling Garth knows to bring it home for me instead of chocolate (can you believe it?!) when I need a pick me up.

Some benefits of coconut water:

  1. Natural and low in calories
  2. Packed with antioxidants and other essential vitamins
  3. Hydrates your body and does wonderful things for your skin
  4. Facilitates digestion
  5. Reduces blood pressure

Best ways to use it:

  1. Down straight out the carton as the ultimate hangover cure
  2. Top up your green juices for extra yum
  3. Serve with gin on ice for a healthier Saturday evening drink

I’m currently digging H2Coco ’cause their water is 100% coconut with no added sugars, preservatives or artificial yuckiness. They’ve got a few radĀ fruit varieties but I love the water just as it is. Seriously, do yourself a favour and throw a few in your trolley next time you’re at the shops. You won’t regret having them to hand in your fridge at home.

What’s your fave coconut water recipe?

J x

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