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Natural Skincare

My latest, all natural, chemical-free, animal-friendly beauty routine.

Yikes. It’s a scary thing when you start noticing fine lines around your eyes at the whole “eh, I just splash water on my face” attitude that worked for 26 years, is suddenly not working so well.

I had to admit to myself that I needed to adult with a proper skincare routine but because I’ve always just winged it (wung it?) with my skin, I had NO idea where to start or what to get. So after Googling the crap out of it and doing my research as per usual, plus chatting to my beautician friend, I finally gathered enough info to start taking better care of my skin. The natural way. Because I don’t think putting lotions and potions full of chemicals and gunk on your face is much better for you in the long run. Yes, yes. I know that rattling on about organic this and eco that, often sounds “hipster” – but it’s really just about caring for your body and the environment.

So here’s my daily skincare and beauty routine, au naturale, and the products I’m very much in love with at the moment. I’d suggest doing some research of your own to find out what would suit you as obviously every skin type is different. Mine for example needs hydrating.

natural toothpaste

Regular toothpaste is loaded fluoride and other not-so-good-for-you things so I love this Fresh Mint Organic Toothpaste from Pure Beginnings. It’s a natural breath freshener, helps protect teeth and gums and is fluoride and SLS free. Plus unlike some other natural toothpastes I’ve tried, it tastes great! Oh and I take it to the next level with my eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. Got them both from my favourite online site, Faithful To Nature. 

natural teeth whitening

I also ADORE using this natural teeth-whitening scrub from MUD/ Bodyology. I’ve genuinely seen a noticeable difference since I started using it. It’s 100% vegan, chemical free and locally made! The list of organic ingredients is pretty impressive too and it’s super easy to use. You pop a sprinkle on your toothbrush and brush away – just be sure to let your significant other sharing the bathroom with you know that you’re using a tooth scrub, and are not in fact dying or possessed, when you spit up the black mixture. Yes, this is a true story. You can check out more from them here.

natural deodorant

Store-bought antiperspirants and deos are basically the devil. For so many reasons. So I love these natural alternatives. And no, you don’t smell (as my bestie likes to put it) like “a herbal hippie”. They really work are are aluminium free! Huzzah!


SKOON beauty

For my daily skin care I start off by washing my face with this Lipidol oil cleanser that takes make-up off like a boss! You can read more about my love for Lipidol, here. I use these 100% cotton facecloths from local brand, Skoon, but had to learn the hard way that there is such thing as “over exfoliating”. I got a little addicted to washing my face at first and rubbed too hard with the cloths, when all you need is a gentle wipe. So if you’re using any facial sponge, wipe or cloth, play nicely and don’t try scrub off your first layer of skin like I did. I got nasty red patches.

Skoon The One

natural sunscreen

Mornings, I use my AH-MAZING hydrating cream from Skoon called “The One”. Not only are they animal-friendly and chemical free, but HELLO PACKING AND BRANDING DREAMS. #aesthetics. I’ve also come to realise that the very best thing you can do for your skin is sunscreen – regardless of the fact that you work in doors or it might be an overcast day. Sunscreen is not only reserved for days out to the beach. This Oh-Lief natural sunscreen  (SPF 20) is made up of organic ingredients and I just mix my sunscreen and moisturiser together and slap that (gently) on my mug. You can and probably should, layer on your products separately (loads of articles online suggesting what to start off with and how to layer up) but I haven’t quite graduated to that level of skincare and time yet. Baby steps.

eyefirming serum

essential oils

At night, a use this Victorian Garden eyebright firming serum on the delicate skin around my eyes and then yep, it’s back at it with The One, which I mix with an essential oil of choice for extra hydration – either certified organic rose hip oil, my almond oil I picked up oversees or this Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment.

For the guys – I’ve converted my bearded boyfriend to the ways of the natural too and he loves this Mein Herr beard oil – a natural oil for his usually wild, facial hair. I win too because it smells great and I don’t attacked by the bristles when going in for a smooch.

natural hair careSpeaking about hair – mine’s never been healthier since I binned all our chemical-soaked shampoos and conditioners. I love this tea tree number from Earth Sap combined with this delicious smelling Argan and vanilla conditioner from The Victorian Garden which keeps my hair hydrated AF.

natural soapI also previously HATED bars of soap and loved gorgeous smelling, toxic-filled, body washes. But this Moonbeam organic lemongrass and olive oil soap changed everything. It smells great and leaves my skin feeling very mediterranean.


We also currently have some eucalyptus strung up in our shower – when the steam hits that badboy, your airways open and you skin soaks in all the eucaluptussy steamy goodness.

lush dream cream

To moisturise my body (when I’m not the world’s laziest human) I use this Lush Dream Cream or my Lipidol Body Oil.

So, that’s what I’m using at the moment but if you’ve got any natural recommendations, comment below and I’ll give them a try!

J x

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  1. Tannith

    YES okay THANK YOU for this post! I am legit sulking about having to leave the wonderful world of Korean cosmetics behind but now I’m pretty excited about trying some of these out when I get home <3


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