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Reese’s Pieces

A very dear friend of mine just celebrated her birthday in style. This tiny thing is a big homemaker so naturally when she told us we would be having a High Tea, we knew we were going to be treated to no less than her own unmatched culinary and baking skills.

Set up outside on a warm sunny day in Umdloti, Reese had gone above and beyond to make this the quaintest darn tea party since Mari Antoinette was telling others to eat cake. 

And eat cake we did.And cupcakes and quiches and Oreo pops and gold dusted brownies. Mattresses and scatter cushions decorated the front lawn and white balloons bobbed against the ocean wind. A bit of Cuban lounge music on play and I felt like I was having a holiday in some plush Mediterranean resort. After eating myself silly I retired to the deck for a little hazy afternoon nap.

That my dears, is how you live life.

Thanks Reese xx

J xx