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Reflections and Rooftops

A friend recently celebrated her 30th in the most unique way.

NOTE: Those of you who say “there’s nothing to do in Durban” are sorely mistaken.

While this concept may have been old news for this particular group of friends, it was a completely unique and novel idea to me. Basically we hit up a parkade in Durban town, paid the 12 bucks to get in and partied on the roof!

We set up fairy lights and a picnic and drank and feasted above the bustling inner city until the sun went down and we all felt sleepy from the warmth radiating from the concrete underneath us.

We had focaccia, artichokes, salted caramel cake, wine and all those good things and the background music was all thanks to a taxi below blaring some sort of gospel into the empty parking lot across the road.

It’s always a wonderful feeling to see your city through new eyes, or at least from a new vantage point. I’m sure we are hardly the first pioneers of a parkade party, and yes the jol could have been cut short should security have done their rounds, but I think the point is that there is a consistent amount of fun and adventure if you’re up for looking for it and stepping out of your familiar comfort zone.

Sometimes it’s about revisiting the most obvious places – setting up a picnic in the park you pass on the way to work everyday, trying out the old beach arcade or finding an empty parking lot to party in. There’s really no excuse to feel bored because there are always new ways to discover your city if you have a few good friends and a decent bottle of Merlot.

Basically, just get out there, gadammit!

The Morning Trade

Just a few pics from The Morning Trade opening, this past weekend.  Incase you missed every other Durbanite’s Instagram feed. 

It’s a really exciting time to be in Durbs and I am overjoyed at the fact that we’re getting our own arts and culture hub.

It was pretty darn impressive to see the high attendance at the opening of this art and foodie market. Durban stereotype – completely blown out of the water. The masses came out to support this venture and I see this as a very good sign of things to come. You go on with your bad self, Durban! 

With so much else on the cards for the Rivertown Precinct as well an exciting piece of local history being unearthed, we really have a lot to look forward to over the next few months. Cape what? Johannes who?

Head to 8 Morrison Street every Saturday for artisan produce, a good cuppa, foodie heaven and maybe even a sneaky mimosa or two. Let’s hear it for morning drank!

Speaking of drank, don’t forget The Archiball at the John Milne Street Beer Hall this evening. We’re gonna party on school night!