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Feeling Lucky?


I had the privilege of being invited to the Lucky Brand relaunch of their Denim Donation Drive.

I got to choose a pair of jeans in exchange for any pair of old denims and let me tell you, it was a very hard choice, rivalling the decision whether to cut a fringe or not, or what to order at my favourite restaurant. 

Normally jeans shopping is an absolute nightmare for me – I generally stay very far away from this traumatic experience. I have a smallish waist, big butt and short legs – jeans weren’t made for this booty without some serious tailoring. Yet, for the first time in the history of ever, every single pair I tried on was perfectly fitted, super luxe and comfy as hell. Now all of a sudden, the nightmare was choosing my favourite out of all the beautiful fits and washes.


In between wine sipping and grooving to the DJ, I finally settled on these ripped dark wash skinnies AKA The Charlie Skinny (Right). It was a close call between the light wash high-rise skinnies on the left!

If you want to get your hands on your own pair, all you have to do is bring in a pair of your old, lightly worn jeans (any brand!) and get 50% off a brand new pair of stunning denims.  

All denims collected will be donated to the SOS Children’s Villages. They run a project in Port Elizabeth whereby repurposed denims are sold for profit by women in the community, who are then able to support themselves through this awesome initiative.


I was helped by a strapping young lad named Reese who selected my perfect size after taking one look at me, despite my usual protests for a larger one. Brother had skillz. 

Support a good cause and get some rad new jeans pant – what’s not to love?



Durban Creatives Doing Great Things For A Great Cause

I thought that this was a super cool article, that I read on Between 10 and 5. Proud of these insane Durban based artists, producing some amazing stuff for the umThombo Initiative.

You can get involved and read the full story right here. 

Photos by Roger Jardine.

With Love From Bambi

With an array of music festivals around the corner, it was necessary to share with you all ,the must have accessory for the season- introducing, the Spirit Hood! LFB is an up and coming South African original that provides trendy consumers with some unique fashion for those with an original sense of style.We chatted to the brainchild behind this brand, Caitlin Du Plessis.


Hello Caitlin!Tell us little about yourself!

C: I am an advertising student in Jozi , South Africa.

When and how did you come up with your brand,Love From Bambi?

C: One night in August 2012 I came across a girl wearing a spirit hood (a faux fur animal hood) and from that moment on I fell in love. I tried to find one in South Africa and couldn’t and so I bought one from America. It was in the moment that I received mine that Love from Bambi was born. I thought if I love them so much and there are so few in South Africa, why not bring them here for other people and sell them on a Facebook page. It is as simple as that.

So very cool! Tell us what you feel your brand embodies and stands for within our community

C: Starting the brand was the most important thing. For me it was a risk, and something I’ve had to be brave about and so that is what I have based the image of Love From Bambi on. Bambi was my nickname given to me by friends when I had to be out going. It is about self-empowerment and almost having an alter ego to achieve the things you would be too scared to go after without one. Love from Bambi is about having no inhibitions; it’s about being free; about convincing yourself that you shouldn’t give a shit what people think, being opinionated and it is inspired by wise and insightful cultures. It is about following instinct and passion. It is a reminder why we love and respect the mavericks of the world, the independent thinkers and that is why I have created the brand image to cater to them. It is a love for animals, which is why for every spirit hood that I sell, R20 is donated to the SPCA.

We are so amped on the fact that you donate to the SPCA!But what exactly does Love From Bambi have to offer consumers?

C: I have started off with spirit hoods and that is what I offer consumers now but there is more to come and I am very excited about the opportunities that I have been given through the launch of Love from Bambi. LFB in 5 words is empowered, wild, spirited, independent, aware.


When does one use a spirit hood?

C: Spirit hoods are mostly worn at trance parties and music festivals but I wear mine anywhere if it’s cold enough!


How can we get our hands on a spirit hood and how long will it take? 

C: All you have to do is choose a hood you like and inbox me on my Facebook page and I will either meet with you personally or post it to you depending on how far away you are. But I go out of my way until it is in your hands. It is still fairly new so it is all based on my FB page for now. 


For those of you as stoked to get yourself ( and your homies ) one of these babies, check out: