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Juiced Co Juice Cleanse: Day 3


While the side-effects and hunger pangs were at an all time low yesterday, I was definitely on the emotional side of a juice cleanse. So my super supportive boyfriend sent me these lovely flowers and a card! Finished. 

My mom and bestie have also been awesome at cheering me on and sending supportive messages – trust me, you’re gonna wanna have a few people in your corner when cleansing!

Day 3 I woke up and sipped some lemon water while taking a soothing bath. Work was the same ritual of ginger shots and herbal teas and then I got swamped beneath a workload of doom. By the time evening came, I was so full from the fourth juice that I had to force down a few sips of juice 5! I really enjoyed the juices, but the grapefruit one was my least favourite. But, I knew it was important to stick to the schedule and get all the citrusy goodness into my body so I drank up regardless – we all have different tastes after all! Just remember to persevere, no-one said this was going to be easy.

This morning I woke up feeling accomplished, light and happy. And with a super flat tummy if I do say so myself! I made some steamed broccoli with lemon juice for breakfast and still drank some hot lemony water. It’s important to ease back into eating with fruits and veg on the first day, some avo etc on the second and then on the third you can introduce some protein like chicken if you’re a meat lover. I did miss my juices so I bought one from the canteen (yes, they stock Juiced Co!) to sip on like a real addict. Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for… my weight loss.

Sorry to disappoint ya, but I didn’t weigh myself. I was so determined to make this about how I felt physically as opposed to a number on a scale. And man, I feel great.

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Juiced Co Juice Cleanse: Day 2


A few tears and other symptoms…

Just because I completely endorse the idea of a juice cleanse, doesn’t mean that it’s not one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It doesn’t mean that I won’t have a little whine or moments of “WHY ON EARTH WOULD I SIGN UP FOR THIS?!”. It’s because I believe so whole-heartedly in the necessity of juicing that I haven’t buckled, that I haven’t snacked and have been able to keep it relatively together.


People ask if there are symptoms of a juice detox. Well, yes, poisonous toxins are leaving your body – of course there are side effects! But the effects of those toxins living inside you are far worse. I had no side effects until yesterday afternoon when I started experiencing a slight rash, aches and pains, sweats and weakness. I knew it wouldn’t be comfortable to detox, and this was a huge eye-opener. So many gahdamn toxins are being released and yet I live a relatively healthy life? It just makes you realize that the bad stuff can build up from stress and linger from one or two boozy nights and social ciggies. I don’t think I will ever be the same after this in terms of recognizing what I put in my body. By the way, you’re not supposed to feel great while detoxing; it’s the long-term effects you’re going to enjoy.


I started feeling a physical hunger yesterday as well as mental one. Here’s how to deal with it:

1. Loads of lemony water
2. Knock back them herbal teas
3. Read up on other juicer’s experiences – a quick internet search will remind you others have done this and lived to tell the tale
4. Journal about your experience
5. Keep busy and distracted
6. Remind yourself it’s mainly a mental hunger
7. Finish all your juices, even if there are ones you’re not so keen on!


Yesterday I woke up, meditated, drank hot water with lemon and sipped on my ginger shot and herbal tea at work. It was easier than day 1, even though I started experiencing some physical effects. I even went to a beach braai in the evening and stuck to my beetroot juice! I have also not been taking any pills or allergy tablets while cleansing, opting for natural nasal irrigation and dry brushing to help the process along.

One more day to go and already planning my victory meal  – Steamed broccoli with lemon juice 😉

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Conscious Uncoupling

I’ve decided to make like Gwyneth and take steps towards a Conscious Uncoupling. But not with my darling boyfriend, but rather with the toxic relationship I have with myself.

Every so often it’s time to take stock of your life and how you are spending your precious hours. While I spend my physical time with friends and family, out exploring and adventuring, I find that my subconscious mind is constantly talking smack. And that is so not fetch.

Females, we all do it, we all have that voice that runs their mouth 24/7. Well it’s time to pipe down, Chachi!

We tend to have these little negative/comparative thoughts racing through our minds and clogging up our headspace. I ain’t got no’ mo’ time for this kind of subconscious mindset so I am actively breaking-up with my inner voice. No, not the one telling you to fall in love, stay way away from that dark alley or trust your gut, but the louder one that obsessively compares, constantly puts down and makes little jabs at your self confidence.

The No More Toxicity List:

1. Clean space = clean mind. Started off with a complete clean-out of my car, desk, room and pantry this weekend. 

2. No more social-media/internet stalking/comparing! The internet is pretty much a plethora of girls with perfect bodies or awesome hair and there’s a fine line between inspiration and comparison. Spend extra time doing something positive instead of checking Facebook. This is a big step coming from a self-professed social media sucker.

3. I went grocery shopping for super foods to charge my mind, body and soul. Plenty of juices and smoothies and goodness to refresh my body so that my mind can follow. More money on things for my well-being than clothes and magazines. Although a new outfit never did my mind any harm..

4. More meditation – get control of that unruly mind and reign that shit in!

5. Try out these Sixteen Small Steps to Happiness. They are cute and simple and charmingly uplifting! 

Maybe you too need to stop, collaborate and listen to that inner voice and rewire it to send out good vibes. Next time she tells you you look hideous in that dress, tell her to fuck off, because you look beautiful!

And I mean it, you look fucking beautiful.