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Prom Queen

It’s been a crazy year of new jobs and hard graft so I gladly welcomed our annual Christmas party, with open arms. This year, it was prom themed so I went all out with an OTT skirt, crimped hair and regrettable glitter. As per usual, the Gloss Lady and I had to document the occasion with a cringey photo shoot, so check out what I wore!

Ears/Topshop   Lipstick/Amplified by MAC    Crop/Factorie    Necklace/MRP   Bag/Thrifted in London   Nails/Courtney Shaw     Skirt/Imagination Costume Hire       Shoes/Truworths 

Oh Audrey!


A little look book of my new short, ombre locks. 

After weeks of deliberating and hours in the salon, I finally present to you, my much shorter and blonder hurr. I’ve had almost every hair colour and hairstyle known to middle earth, but none quite like this! I love doing drastic and crazy things to my coiffure because you know, yolo, and also it grows back.

PS: In true first world problem style, which black crop do you think looks best for my Hepburn-esque look?

Racer Front – Factorie



Long Sleeve – Factorie



Strappy Crop – MRP


PS: Shot to Gloss Lady for the pics.

J x

Werk Wednesday

Thought I’d introduce a new weekly section, documenting the looks I have werked this week. A female blogger has no chance without having a strong fashion section game – what can I say I sold out and I like it!

Grey Vest : Cotton On

Tartan Leggings: Factorie

Sneakers: Adidas 

Sunnies: Sportscene

Sling Bag: H&M

Black Dress: Cotton On

Denim Button Up: Mr Price

Watch: Swatch

Sneakers: Adidas

White Button Up: Mr Price

Black Leggings: Cotton On

Geometric Necklace: Sass Diva

Leopard Print Sneakers: Cotton On