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Chilling in China


We recently returned from a rather magical trip, travelling China.

As promised, here’s a little post and some pics.

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Durban International Film Festival: Wavescape

Hey Homies

Sorry that my blog died a bit last week.It was a manically busy one at the office.

So here is my belated post on the opening of Wavescape (the surf film sector of DIFF).

Last Sunday ,the friendships and I grabbed some takeaways and blankets and met up for Jordy Smith’s epic surf film. I really appreciate this event as it attracts all sorts of people to our beautiful beach front, to sit under the stars and share in an evening of surf movies with insane soundtracks. It is rather special to have our ocean and city lights in the background,behind the big screen,making for a somewhat magical and authentic experience.

We got treated to 2 short films before the main attraction. A past boyfriend was an avid surfer and it was during that time that I learned to love surfing videos.The cinematography is almost always mind-blowing and dramatic and the music is certain to be a winner.

As always,it was a festive night of snacks and beers and ogling at the full moon in between the films. Jordy’s film- Bending Colours- was pretty darn cool and showcased him doing his thang, in oceans all over the world.Obviously the best part was him surfing Durban,but I could just be a tad bias.

Here are the snaps…

J xx

Have a listen to the soundtrack here.

Art Film Co.


You all know by now that I am a sucker for people in my city, doing something innovative,different and risky. People that have the foresight to bring the 031 a taste of something fresh and original. People that add a new dimension and help our city expand and have more to offer to it’s good citizens.

The people of Florida Road’s  Art Film Co. are those kind of entrepreneurs that  I’m talking about.

This DVD shop is no ordinary movie store. A simple idea that I really admired,needed some investigation.So, luckily for me and you, Seren from the shop,took time to answer a few questions for Girl With A Bum.

Hello there interesting human! Tell us how The Art Film Co. got started?

S: Art Film Co. is an evolution of our original store, DVD Gurus, that we had in Melville, Jhb. It was started in 2004 and then the business expanded to Pretoria. We brought the concept down to Durbs but opted to change the brand name in order to allow for more diversity.

What was the biggest risk about starting it up?

S: The market in Durban is different to that of Jozi ,Pretoria and Cape Town. Most Durbanites are not as easily enticed into something new, especially if it is on the fringes, so we need to work much harder at gaining an audience.

Yes and that is why I get so excited about people sticking their necks out and investing time in the 031 .What do you offer customers?

S: Simply put…a wider and more selective range. The well-advertised cinema releases are chosen on merit and not on studio or distributor marketing tactics. In addition to Hollywood cinema (new, 70s-2000s and classics), we also have the best selection of films from some alternate genres.For example (and among others), Art House, Independent, Foreign Language, Gay and Lesbian, Asian Violence/Extreme, Cult, Anime/Manga, International Classics and Documentaries.

Who would enjoy a place like this?

S:The store caters “for the discerning film lover” – any movie enthusiast who wants to have a wide range of choices from the best of world cinema. We have around 5000 titles on offer at the moment.

Sounds good to us! So, DVD we HAVE to watch at the moment?

S :Seven Psychopaths – from the makers of “In Bruges”

We have heard this film is awesome!What should we eat/drink while watching it? Just so we can plan a perfect movie night for this long weekend.

S: Beer or wine

Now it’s a party! What makes Art Film Co., different and unique within the Durban area?

S: With film being a true unifier, our aim is to bring a kind of diversity to the Florida Road area and we hope to be able to be around long enough to make an impact in art, cinema and theater sectors.

 Who are the people behind the scenes at Art Film Co.?

S: A group of passionate film geeks

Art Film Co will be doing special screenings and film related events every 3 or so months in the year. They have a significant web presence and can be found on www.artfilm.co.za or www.facebook.com/artfilmco. Check them out regularly for a complete listing of, and info on, all titles in their selection, as well as updates and recommendations.

So,if you’re looking for something different to add in between the rerun of High School Musical that is on TV, or ancient episodes of Friends on your laptop, then check these guys out for some fresh ideas for your viewing pleasure.