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I have been dying to tell you all about this sweet local service that has recently been launched -Nifty250

Basically it allows you to print your Instagram pics in a polaroid like format. It’s cheap, it’s easy as hell and it is so very satisfying to see your digital pics in printed format.

I printed out a few to give to my boy as a Valentines Day gift, chronicling our new relationship via this social media platform – so very me!

I also printed out a few extra to decorate my room, pop on my desk or hand to friends as spontaneous gifts of appreciation. I gave my mom one of our pet pig who is practically her favourite child and she was more happy with this single photo than the entire set of Le Creuset pie-pots I got her for Christmas. 

The people behind this service are on-point, friendly and efficient and I couldn’t gush about it more if I tried. It’s a perfect idea for prezzies, for decor or for a good old fashioned photo album. It’s only 4 Rand a print! 

Check Nifty250 here!



Haven’t done an Insta-round up in a while, so here is a summary of what I’ve been doing in the 031.

1. Wek! Niche Offices, Jan ‘14.

2. Double A$$ Grab. The Winston, Jan ’14.

3. Moo! Ballito Flag Farm, Jan ’14.

4. Art Game strong! Currie Road, Jan ’14.

5. Nan turns 82. Westwood, Jan ’14.

6. Skater Hater. North Beach, Jan ’14.

7. Sleeping Lion. Kloof, Feb ’14.

8. Hip Hop and Vinyl at Offtharecord. Cool Runnings, Feb ’14.

9. Picnic Time! Snake Park, Feb ’14.

10. Soccer Boys. Glenwood, Feb ’14.

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While you were out…

In the spirit of the well-received list-post I put up last week, I thought I’d share with you all, what I was up to during my mini hiatus. This is the shit I should of been writing about during my December holiday, but I was too busy out having fun to give a fuck about the internet.

I know right – those words just came out of this mouth.

1.Red Huxley Came To Play

The boys from Capetonian band Red Huxley, crashed at my house for a weekend. Many gigs, many drinks and many hangovers were had.

image2. Fake Birthday at Spiga

Like, no-one is around for my real birthday, so I had a fake birthday at Spiga D’Oro. Yay for pizza and caramel vodka shots and the loudest rendition of “ Happy Birthday To You” that I have ever received.


3. Klimstmas Pahty

One of many festive, champagne-fuelled dinners.



4. This awesome bitch called Karla bought me a tree for my birthday!


5. Besties got engaged. And I got emotional. 




6. We ate some good food at Chihuahuas Pop Up Mexican Restaurant for my realizies birthday. Loved the vibe, loved the decor. Mixed emotions about the tequila.

7. Manning Road Madness House Party. RIP liver and dignity. A lot of enthusiastic dancing to Spice Girls thanks to DJ Fuego.


8. Got my nose pierced (again). Cried like a baby (again).

image9. The Winston Ball. Dr Fly and the Nurses – enough said!


Look here’s me derping about with Marty.


10. Boxing day Cricket- beer and sunstroke FTW.

image11. Holiday Party at Live where I fell in love with, and fan-girled all over , The Dollfins. Again, what dignity? 


12. Bestie came to stay and tear up the 031.

image13. New Years “No Plans Party” at the Upstairs with bottomless pizza.

 And 7 stitches.


14. One of my dearest friends had her penis-clad bachelorettes. 




Thanks Durbs, the holiday was one of the best. 

J xx


1. Red Huxley do Durban. Dec ‘13, House of Curries.

2. New Boston Terrier Pillow. Nov ’13, Currie Road.

3. Framed! Dec ’13, Kloof.

4. Ring Starr. Dec ’13, Kloof.

5. Drawing Booty. Nov ’13, Kloof.

6. Supplier’s Christmas Party. Dec ’13, Havana Grill.

7. Bearded Man. Dec ’13, Arcadia Sound Studios. 

8. Topknotted and undercut. Dec ’13, Currie Road.

9. More doodles. Dec ’13, Currie Road.

10. She thinks she’s people. Dec ’13, Kloof.

J xx