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Some of my favourite people are back at it again with one killa exhibition.

Ok, so I actually need to do a little copy + paste here, because their press release is hella funny!

“Fox and the Rabbit in partnership with BOS Ice Tea will be hosting their second art exhibition at Spiga on Florida road on March 26th, 2015. 

Fox and the Rabbit is the creation of two friends, Charlene and Karla. After attending (many) exhibitions, organising (a lot) of events and then finally joining forces to host their own, (Apocalypse Meow – 2012 held at The Upstairs, Durban) they kind of went into hiding for a while, cause you know, adult life. But with 2015 looming and plenty of fresh meat on the art slopes, they already have a jam-packed calendar of events and collaborations in the pipeline.

First up, in the very near future is FUTURAMA: 2999 which features over 20 artists, ranging in various mediums from abstract to illustrations to photography and even cross-stitching. Artists will visually interpret their version of the year 2999 on earth. Catch the likes of Fiance Knowles (CT), Maxeroo (UK), Damn Vandal (DBN), Tokyo Go Go (DBN), Mykildos (DBN) and many more. You can also enjoy a sweet visual show by VJ Cataract and music by DJ Jol Stransky.

Fox and Rabbit events are all about giving back, so each event is tied up with a local initiative.

FUTURAMA 2999 will take place at The Secret Corner, (back of Spiga – Florida Rd) on Thursday, 26 March 2015 at 6pm. Entrance is R20 and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Thula Thula Rhino Fund.

In true futuristic fashion, the exhibition will mutate into a second version of itself as part of a colab with Open Plan Studio in TRACKSIDES – an urban art event taking place on 28 March in Station Drive. For more info, visit their facebook page.”

See you babes there!

FB Page: Fox and the Rabbit

Event: FUTURAMA 2999

Brought By Rain


When my not so little brother told me he was “a screamer” in a band, I really didn’t know what to expect. 


You’d think I’d be automatically bias towards anything my little brother did, but to hear he’d suddenly procured this hidden singing talent made me worry that I’d have to be the one thinking “Steve, no, not happening son.” It’s not that I am the world’s worst sister, I suppose just a protective one who’s used to her brother’s crazy ass ideas. But at the end of the day, I’m always amped for fresh blood just getting out there to make some music so I packed up my notebook and camera and headed out to Drummond. I had to go check out what Steve had been raving about for the past few months, since him and two of the other members met at a house party and decided to put a band together. As you do.


I arrived at an old-school garage band setup and was
immediately blown away by this five piece set. It was pretty epic to see these
young teens, most of whom are busy with Matric this year, just making some goddamn
good music while their “stekkies” sat around looking nonplussed, playing with a
pet snake. It was like the seventies in there and it only got better as they started


Look, they’ve only been at it for a few weeks and are still
figuring their shit out but I was blown away by the skill these punks had and
their ability to mix up a few different genres of music to create a unique
style. They’re currently playing around with covers, mixing up some hip-hop
into metal and putting together a few songs of their own and it’s sounding
pretty fucking rad already – I couldn’t have been prouder to be honest.


Brought By Rain consists of Thatu (17) on bass, Kewin (17) guitar
and back up vocals, Keegan (17) guitar, Steven (19) lead vocals and Zac (19) on
drums. They cite Asking Alexandria and Of Mice and Men as their main
inspiration but aim to add a little Papa Roach and Billy Talent into the mix,
while classifying their overall style as alternative rock. They all have big
dreams outside of the band, don’t rate themselves too school for cool and seem
to have their heads screwed on which I find refreshing. I asked them what they’d
really like people to know about their band from the get go – “We’re all pretty
sexy and some of us are even single.“

There you have it, you heard it here first.


Reflections and Rooftops

A friend recently celebrated her 30th in the most unique way.

NOTE: Those of you who say “there’s nothing to do in Durban” are sorely mistaken.

While this concept may have been old news for this particular group of friends, it was a completely unique and novel idea to me. Basically we hit up a parkade in Durban town, paid the 12 bucks to get in and partied on the roof!

We set up fairy lights and a picnic and drank and feasted above the bustling inner city until the sun went down and we all felt sleepy from the warmth radiating from the concrete underneath us.

We had focaccia, artichokes, salted caramel cake, wine and all those good things and the background music was all thanks to a taxi below blaring some sort of gospel into the empty parking lot across the road.

It’s always a wonderful feeling to see your city through new eyes, or at least from a new vantage point. I’m sure we are hardly the first pioneers of a parkade party, and yes the jol could have been cut short should security have done their rounds, but I think the point is that there is a consistent amount of fun and adventure if you’re up for looking for it and stepping out of your familiar comfort zone.

Sometimes it’s about revisiting the most obvious places – setting up a picnic in the park you pass on the way to work everyday, trying out the old beach arcade or finding an empty parking lot to party in. There’s really no excuse to feel bored because there are always new ways to discover your city if you have a few good friends and a decent bottle of Merlot.

Basically, just get out there, gadammit!

Passenger with Jose Cuervo

I was invited to sit Jose Cuervo side for Passenger in the park this past Valentines weekend. Te amo? Nah, more like Te QUILA!

Here’s what went down…besides shots. Obvi.

Lemme keep it real with you – I’ve never been to a concert in Botanical Gardens. To put it bluntly, it’s normally cheese-central and a line-up of over-saturated acts that I have absolutely no interest in. But, I may have been missing out on something because hot damn, did it make for a beautiful venue.

There was something about everyone sitting on picnic blankets in front of an intimate stage set up, with the palm trees silhouetted against the evening sky and the frogs singing along in the lake. Basically, pure fvcking poetry man!

I took along a friend of mine who was also up for  a few margaritas and we headed to the VIP Jose Cuervo tent where we were greeted by energetic barmen and promo girls. 5 minutes later and we’d already tried tequila with orange and coffee, tequila with Tabasco and then a salt-rimmed margarita.

Passenger was a really great act. One man, one guitar and an audience obsessed. Everyone was enamoured with this humble Brit, lapping up every word coming out of his mouth – the sound was crystal clear and his voice like honey. Charlene and I knocked back the tequila and lemonades while swaying like women possessed to his melancholic acoustic set. I may or may not have proposed to him via Twitter.

It turned out to be an extremely festive and educational night. I pretty much consider myself a tequila pro after experiencing all those combos and didn’t even feel half as bad as a I should have on Saturday morning.

Thanks for the jol, Jose!

Here’s a little Passenger, if you missed out!

RedEye: An Irrelevant Review

As most of you know, Durban and RedEye go way back. The multi-genre arts and performance festival has been running for some time but only recently made its way back on the current 031 events list. I hit up my first RedEye last Friday at City Hall and here’s (some of) what went down…

Admittedly, while I am reluctant to comment too heavily on the event itself because I only arrived after 8pm (it kicked off at 6) and seemed to have missed a few acts (according to my Instagram feed), it will still always be a spectacle to jol at City Hall – instant cool points for organisers using a fairly underrated venue in Durbs.

Man, I just love that building – whenever there’s a party there it feels like you’re in High School getting up to mischief at your first gig. I can’t explain it, there’s something about the vibe that gives me that same excited nostalgia. Everything is easily amplified by the sheer magnificence of the architecture and original décor and I didn’t even mind paying the pinch of the hunned bucks entrance fee to wander up and down in between the floors, ogling at the stained glass windows or city view from the main balcony.

It’s safe to say that I definitely appreciated the music line-up. It was cool to see some versatility – watching Strage melt faces downstairs in the sweaty engine room and then cramming onto the balcony upstairs jamming to hip-hop. There was a range of traditional Zulu dancers, painters, aerial acrobatics, poets etcetera etcetera on the entertainment bill too.

The event also carried on despite load shedding (kudos RedEye, kudos) although the ladies bathroom lights flickered on and off, prompting a random girl to assure me that “it was normal and that I wasn’t going to get murdered while I pee”.*

*Why did I include this part of my evening in my review? Well, I found this simply hilarious at the time and in my drunken state made a cellphone note to include it in this post. Just humour Drunk Jenna for a sec ok? Thank you.

These days, it seems that an event is not complete without live tattoo art – and not just some small eternity symbols for drunk BFFs, but full on body-width pieces. I couldn’t help but stare at the girl getting an owl inked across her ribcage in the dim lighting, next to the bar. You go on with your bad self, honey!

On yet another unrelated note, my highlight was definitely sneaking into the auditorium, getting reprimanded by an unidentified man (overly infuriated by all these damn youths) and then returning again like giggling naughty teenagers. We kicked back on the gallery seats, trying not to echo in this eerily silent and overwhelming space and just drank in the beauty. There was just something beautiful about that moment that had nothing to do with the event happening below.

I do feel it could have been marketed a little better because while DIY tweeted, blogged and Facebooked up a storm and the graffiti wall next to my flat was done up to advertise the event, many clued-up kids were blissfully unawares about the vibe until the day before. Something of that size needs a few old school posters and not just a word-of-mouth approach. Perhaps there were flyers and posters and Facebook ads galore, but I just didn’t see any and was surprised by the relatively small crowd dispersing, so early on a Friday night. I’m all for telling Durbs to buck up their support, but sometimes the peoples need a little hand-holding when it comes to upcoming vibes.

On that note, keep up to date with gigs by finding RedEye on the book, here.

5 Things People Assume About Bloggers


Here’s what I need you all to straight up know, right now. 

1.  They all reckon you’re a digital dominator

I’ve baffled so many people with my
very old, broken iPhone with no storage space, complete inability to sync shit
and utter confusion when talking about “The Cloud”. I’m a blogger, not Bill
Gates people. I am completely useless when it comes to tech – I still have a
physical day-planner and don’t read books on a Kindle. I kick it old school,
but mainly because I have some serious trust issues with computers.


 2. People think that you actually take yourself seriously

I hate telling people that I’m a blogger. It’s
the most obnoxious statement to pass my lips. Trust me, I know how hilarious it
all is, I laugh at myself on the daily. I’m just a regular human girl living a regular human girl life…


 3.  They decide that you must be overly self-confident

Yeah so what we take a few very posey pics
for “look posts”. I can promise it wasn’t without numerous moments of
self-hate, complete censorship, manic laughter and then the unadulterated freedom to
ensure that only the best 5 out of a disastrous 5671 snaps are posted.


4. People go to you for updates about all the coolest
new places 

Well, yes, maybe it’s my own fault because
I create this illusion that I know what’s hip-hop and happening with the young
folk. But truth be told, I’m not cool, I just happen to have very cool friends. They’re
the ones you should be asking about that sweet new bar in Umhlanga, I’ll only
find out about it 4 months later. I
mean, I’m still using Mean Girls gifs for god sakes!


 5. Ousiders definitely think you’re superficial and have like, no
personal privacy settings

Blogging is a hobby and just a way to keep
myself writing and snapping. I totes promzies that I see beyond posing in a new
skirt or decorating my flat. (Although that stuff is pretty fvcking fun.) And
yeah, I have quite an open sharing-is-caring policy about my life but my close friends all know that when it comes to the serious stuff, I am Fort Knox baby. At least for a full week. 


Eat Me!


A few tried and tested spots to grab good chow in and around the 031.

 Blueberry Cafe


It’s mos def worth the mission to this Midlands eatery. Country vibes, spectacular views and a cheesecake that makes them famous.

Tip: Take
along some extra cash money for the shop (The Winkel), next door.

Also, if you
ask nicely, they may make you the world’s most amazing veggie burger.

El Hombre


Hungry, in a
rush and feel like the best Mexican food in Durbs?

Hit up El
and order like, everything. Especially
the chili-chocolate churros.

Chili-chocolate churros. Oh and chili-chocolate churros.

Afro’s Chicken


Well yes, I’m
limited to chips but the rest of you meat-eaters can chow down on some pretty
impressive looking chicken strips and burgers (and they’re delicious according to my carnivorous crew). Everyone can enjoy the unique vibe and friendly staff.

Tip: Return your plate to the counter like a decent person and score some Wilson’s toffees.

Little Gujarat


I can’t
express enough how wonderful this Indian-vegetarian food joint is. Slap bang in
the middle of town’s chaos, cheap as chips and tasty and hell.

Tip: Order a
veg thali and get a selection of all sorts of curries, chutneys and sambals. Also,
try the masala chai tea for a heavenly sugar rush.

 Bon Appetit yo!