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Prom Queen

It’s been a crazy year of new jobs and hard graft so I gladly welcomed our annual Christmas party, with open arms. This year, it was prom themed so I went all out with an OTT skirt, crimped hair and regrettable glitter. As per usual, the Gloss Lady and I had to document the occasion with a cringey photo shoot, so check out what I wore!

Ears/Topshop   Lipstick/Amplified by MAC    Crop/Factorie    Necklace/MRP   Bag/Thrifted in London   Nails/Courtney Shaw     Skirt/Imagination Costume Hire       Shoes/Truworths 

Wedding Weirdness


A brief account of how I landed up doing the most bizarre impromptu look post shoot in the mist at Tala Game Reserve…

Last weekend, the Gloss Lady asked me to be her Plus One to a wedding. Normalsville right? That was until La told me that she was going as a “blogger proxy” for a friend who couldn’t be at her little brother’s Big Day. Apparently, it’s a common thing in the UK for people to send writers to weddings to capture the day for them, should they not be able attend.


So off we went, severely hungover from the night before, to a wedding where we knew no-one. We managed to get completely lost and run up to our seats as the bride was walking down the aisle. Our hopes to fly under the radar were now completely diminished and we spent the rest of the night explaining to people how we landed up in and amongst long lost friends and dear relatives.

Even better is that (as the seating arrangement put it) I was known as La’s “assistant” and we were placed at the table right in front of the wedding party. I now probably happen to feature heavily in most of the photos and film during the speeches as I am sure my bad allergies were mistaken for emotional tears. The camera was on me more than at the wedding where I was an actual bridesmaid.


The bride also kept giving us confused glares and I can’t blame her. Not only were we strangers at her meticulously planned and intimate do, but we were also the first to jump up to the buffet or to grab healthy helpings of dessert. 

Nothing better to do than take a few outfit pics while we were at it right?


Jumper/Factorie  Skirt/Topshop  Boots/Topshop  Sling Bag/Better Half

Sunnies/Forever New  Lippie/Mac Lady Danger

Warehouse Wurking

Another afternoon of Gloss Lady and I running around sketchy locations for impromptu look post shoots.

We laugh in the face of danger.

Cami: Lady and the Punk

Skirt: MRP

Shoes: Truworths

Bag: Superbalist

Watch: Swatch

Sunnies: Sportscene

Wind For Days


Amble and Thorn has a little special running for my dear readers. Peep the details here!

PS: HOT NEWS! The Gloss Lady and I are back in action!

Lauren and I are back to our usual tricks. Now that we are making that paper together again, we decided to commemorate this momentous occasion by hitting up The Cube on Innes Road for a very windy, look post shoot (as one does.) You can czech La looking a lot more graceful in the gale than I did, here


Anyways, if you love my look then you also might like Amble and Thorn – a little entrepreneurial brainchild of a lovely local lass. I picked her noggin’ about a few things concerning her little collection – because let’s be honest, we all love knowing what goes on in the minds of our enchanting creatives.

What’s even better is that by using the promo code, GIRLWITHABUM, you dear readers, can get 15% off of any items from the fashion collection, until the 14th of July. Say hello comfy textured stockings!


What are your favourite pieces?

Bron: It’s difficult to say, I love everything! But if I had to choose a couple of things it would have to be the Veronique statement necklace – gemstone necklaces made from Lapis Lazuli, Quartz & Jasper stone as well as the charcoal drop earrings and the Annabel backpack. I’m loving chunky statements and gemstone pieces at the moment!


Elab on the Fashion Collection for us…

Bron: The Fashion Collection is a bit more edgy and having been inspired by the Byzantine Era, includes bold statement pieces, big jewels and a rich, luxurious colour palette. We also carry a range of unisex leather and canvas backpacks and satchels.

You can find Bron and her beauts at The Wonder Market or at ambleandthorn.com. Don’t forget to use your promo code dahlings!