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See ya, 2014.


HAPPY GADAMN NEW YEARS! As per tradition, I like to do a little roundup of the year that was. Here are some of Girl With A Bum’s 2014 moments – the ups and the downs.

I kicked off 2014 with a champagne bottle to the head and 7 stitches for good measure. 


I started a new job at a kick-ass digital agency. Then changed jobs again to go corporate like a real sell-out.

I began dating a rad guy. Then that rad guy and I decided to part ways. Only good vibes there. 

I saw one of my oldest friends walk down the aisle. And cried like a baby.

Got my nose pierced and my foot tatted. And cried like a baby.


imageAnother year of saying hello and goodbye to new house mates. And seeing a Facebook feed brimming with engagements and pregnancies.

Did a fair share of dranking, smoking, dancing and late nights. 

Drank a LOT of Steph Weiss while I was at it.

imageHad a few epic weekends – staying at the Elangeni Hotel, Midlands meandering, missioning to Mantis and Moon, tanning in Umdloti and dancing at Rainbow Jazz Lounge.

Got sucked into Neknoms, Ice Bucket Challenges and “No Make-up Selfies” like I did Bitstrips in 2013. Can’t help it, occasionally I follow the crowd.

My hair went from long to short, to blonde to purple to grey to brunette again.

Continued blogging while laughing that the acronym for my blog is GWAB.







Adopted my baby Church.

Festivaled it UP at Ramfest, Kendrick Lamar, OppiKoppi and Parklife.

Took up swimming for a few brief, yet glorious months.

Wrote an article about my spirit guide, Ewok.



Found out that a beloved “internet friend of mine who had tragically died of cancer” – was actually all a Catfish by a crazy, crazy girl. Rallied up a group of other girls affected by the scam. (More coming soon!)

Got a personal trainer with Boss Lady Lauren. Man, those 5am wake up calls!

Had a local newspaper steal my content and publish it without my permission. Went through a series of arguments and fights, only to be further let down by some really awful people.

Was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid for a beautiful friend of mine


My body briefly gave up on me and I was in and out of the docs for blood tests and medicines. Then I got better because I am strong like Mother Russia.

My mommy got very, very sick and retrenched but bounced back because she IS Mother Russia. 

We found a lovely home for our beloved piggy, Molly.


We said our final goodbyes to our family home as well as my awesome digs. I then said hello to my dream flat.

I said another very hard goodbye to my second mom/domestic executive of 18 years as she retired to her home in the Berg.

Lived through a teeny tiny earth tremor and the MRP Tear Gas Incident ‘14.

Went to, and fell in love with the Transkei for the very first time.


Learnt how to NaeNae. Sort of. 

Sold some shiz at a market. Promised myself “never again”.

Fell irrevocably in lust with Black Math. 

Wore a sari to Halloween, for no good reason. Thus beginning a casual chain of events.


Lost tragically and suddenly, my very beautiful aunt. 

Saw dear friends leave for Dublin, Jozi, Amsterdam and Germany. More goddam goodbyes. Made some pretty epic new friends too.

Turned well old – hello 25!


So, plans for 2015?

Travel in the slow lane (occasionally)

Travel, in general.

Love deeply.

Eat thirds.

Urgent Help Needed For Molly The Pig


Hello fellow animal lovers. Please read Molly’s story below. We really need all the help we can get.

We got our precious Molly 2 years ago. She was the tiniest little thing and like so many others, we were told that she’d remain the size of a small dog. “Pot Belly Pig” is what she was called. 

Judging from the picture of Molly above, you can see that was not the case and Miss Piggy grew up to be a pretty sizey piece of pork. Pigs are falsely marketed as ideal family pets and it’s easy for a family of animal lovers to take on a lonely baby pig, especially when we have such a large property in Kloof. 

My mom pretty much loves Molly more than my brother and I and we’ve learnt to accept that in the Kelly household, Molly Meloo reigns supreme. However, our family situation has changed quite drastically this year and for numerous reasons my mom needs to move into a smaller, safer house. Obviously, Molly won’t be able to come with us as she is too big for residential areas such as a complex.



We have searched high and low for a suitable home for this baby. Flag farms with small pens, animal rescue areas that can’t take on a large animal, small holdings and even the SPCA. Unfortunately, it’s normally quite a grim ending for these re-homed pigs as their value on the meat market is sickeningly high and stories of ultimate abuse and death are just too common. Even the SPCA suggested to us that the best thing to do, would be to put Molly to sleep. Unfortunately, the only way they can do it with an animal this size, is to bring a gun to our house, corner her and shoot her.

Now, seeings as this smart, emotionally intelligent pig has become a family member, you can understand why we’re not wild about this plan to say the very least.

We are in desperate need of a home for Mol. We don’t want her to be used for breeding as starting the cycle of pigs being adopted under false marketing or even worse, ripped from her for bacon, isn’t really exactly best case scenario. We really want to make sure we aren’t contributing to pet shops selling these baby pigs to unsuspecting owners who would have no idea what they were getting themselves into.

imageWe are willing and able to donate towards her upkeep and are looking for any leads to a new home where she’ll be loved for the cute critter that she is.

Please email me on jennajupiter89@gmail.com or spread our story around as much as possible. This is heartbreaking for us as we really need a good home for our chubby relative. 

Thank you.

UPDATE: The response we have received about Molly The Pig was absolutely overwhelming. Thank you, thank you, thank you times a million. We have found her the best home in all the land and will move her, sometime in September.