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Wanna hit up Splashy but aint got no cash money? No strezzz!

We got you.

Thanks to the good people over at Jose Cuervo, I’ve got a set of double tickets to give away for Splashy Fen 2015 – Y’know that music fest that runs over Easter Weekend, set in the breathtaking Underberg (the one with the rad rivers to play in all day?). Yeah you know the one.

To stand a chance at getting your hands on ‘em all you have to do is head to the Twitter Machine.

Make sure you’re following @girlwithabum and @JoseCuervoSa (obvi) and tell us in 140 characters or less how you’d start a #cuervolucion.

What, pray tell, is a Cuervolucion?

You know that moment when you’re having a relatively chilled jol and then next minute you’re running around starkers except for a stolen sombrero? That catalyst is the start of a Cuervolucion – whether it was those few extra shots of Jose or a dare to down your margarita. It’s that moment you really get too turnt and take it from vibe to “WTF EVEN HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?”

Needless to say, make sure to @ both myself and Mr Cuervo and use the #cuervolucion hashtag.  

Not on the Twitter machine? Comment on the Facebook post and give it a share or a like for extra brownie points. Click here.

The winner will be based on the epicness of their Tweet/comment and I will be getting help from JC to judge, so there are no extra points for how much I like you or I’d have to give tickets to all of you petals.

You can enter as many times as ya like and I will be announcing the lucky devil on Twitter and FB on Friday the 27th of March so get a-Tweeting or a-commenting!

DIY Durban Night

What do plaid shirts, alien abduction and Majozi have in common?

Bob Perfect speaks about them all in our chat about the much anticipated DIY Durban Night.

PS: I want to play a game – shots every time Bob curses.


To us bystanders, Durban Night seemed to have stemmed from now infamous DIY vs. ECR Durban Day fiasco. Is that the only reason Durban Night was born?

The ECR Durban day thing was what got me off of my arse. I have wanted to throw day fests for years, but it is a big risk and it is tough to do. Eventually I was like cool, let’s just actually do it, let’s show people that this is what Durban has to offer. I think it is important for our own bands to be taken seriously because they only ever play support and they never get to headline or be the main attraction for gigs in our city. It is a problem, so I think there is a real need to celebrate our own talents.

Now that the venue has changed to Live – what is going to make this event different to any other jol there?

I think that a lot of the appeal to Durban Night will actually be the people going. They are the people that you want to go to gigs with, the crowd that I see as the loyalists – those who know the bands and know the acts and know why they are there. It’s not going to be a bunch of people in plaid shirts who are only there because they have to look cool. I think that will just make the gig a lot more fun because you’ll be surrounded by a bunch of people that are actually amped to be there. Ultimately the crowd and the lineup will be the difference from a regular Live night.

Who will enjoy Durban night? Is it for a certain crowd, like the circles you run in, or is it come one come all?

It is come one and come all, I just don’t know how many people outside of the live music scene will know the acts so they might not be that drawn to the event. I’m hoping that from everyone going “This is cool, look at all these amazing bands!” that the people who normally wouldn’t care will then want to actually come check out the event.

How are you hoping for people to be describing the event come Monday morning?

As long as nobody says “that sucked”, I’ll be happy. Obviously I want people to be stoked but I just hope that no-one really hated it. If the general consensus isn’t that it was shit, I’ll be stoked.

What has been the most unexpectedly difficult part of planning?

All the paperwork and getting through the admin. Another thing that is really difficult is coordinating all the acts you want on the bill and trying to get everyone to be available on the same fucking date.

What are three things you hope to God won’t happen on the night?

Well I hope an alien abduction doesn’t happen, that would be a bit awkward. Uh, the rapture – the rapture would definitely be a bit of a bummer. Um, and hopefully Loopy doesn’t get naked.

Come now, she’s probably going to get naked.

Yeah, especially now that I’ve said that.

Are you actually confident in Durban artists, for them to be the one and only source of music for the night, or have you just chosen all Durban musos to prove a point?

I think that it’s going to be a sick gig. I mean Fruit and Veggies and Veranda Panda as the headliners are going to fucking kill. Black Math are incredible, they truly put on a great fucking show. Every act, even Majozi playing Carpe Durban, has had people coming up to me and saying “Wow, they are so fucking good!” And I’m like, “Yeah, I fucking know!” Every act that we have is going to kill it and I have no doubt in my mind about that. This isn’t just a themed event; it’s legitimately a show for our great musicians, who would be way bigger by now if they lived in any other city in the country, because they would have more support behind them.

So you’ve pretty much grown up with the local music scene? Is Durban night a long-standing dream of yours, or a recent eureka moment?

Long-standing dream. It’s kind of inspired by a festival called Uprisings, I mean Matt and Steve did so much for the scene and a lot of people got into the scene because of that. I’ve grown up in the scene and I know what it gave to me – just having that place to go to where everyone is a bit different. I just want to give that back to more people.

For us people aren’t privy to the “scene”, what is exactly is it, in a nutshell?

The scene is made up of the outcasts and the fuck-ups and the creatives that don’t want to become accountants, but y’know, we have accountants on the scene as well! I think that in a small city like Durban, it’s the kids that are alternative and different and don’t quite have a place to go to.

How many years ago did you really start going to gigs?

About ten years ago, when I was 16.

How would Durban Night have been different if you could have hosted it ten years ago?

I don’t think it would to be honest! Obviously the bands would be different, but I think there would still be the same mindset. I think it would be along the lines of the same flavor and style as it will be today. There might have been a couple of heavier bands, but other than that, not much else would be different!

Two things that you shouldn’t come to the event without.

Condoms. And I’m not going to say drugs.

Are you hoping to grow this event and make it an annual thing, or is it too much admin?

It might be a bi-annual event – that’s the dream. If we could do it twice a year, I think that would be very cool. We are definitely doing it again; I mean this one is really an advert for the next.


For more details – link up to the Facebook event here.