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Passenger with Jose Cuervo

I was invited to sit Jose Cuervo side for Passenger in the park this past Valentines weekend. Te amo? Nah, more like Te QUILA!

Here’s what went down…besides shots. Obvi.

Lemme keep it real with you – I’ve never been to a concert in Botanical Gardens. To put it bluntly, it’s normally cheese-central and a line-up of over-saturated acts that I have absolutely no interest in. But, I may have been missing out on something because hot damn, did it make for a beautiful venue.

There was something about everyone sitting on picnic blankets in front of an intimate stage set up, with the palm trees silhouetted against the evening sky and the frogs singing along in the lake. Basically, pure fvcking poetry man!

I took along a friend of mine who was also up for  a few margaritas and we headed to the VIP Jose Cuervo tent where we were greeted by energetic barmen and promo girls. 5 minutes later and we’d already tried tequila with orange and coffee, tequila with Tabasco and then a salt-rimmed margarita.

Passenger was a really great act. One man, one guitar and an audience obsessed. Everyone was enamoured with this humble Brit, lapping up every word coming out of his mouth – the sound was crystal clear and his voice like honey. Charlene and I knocked back the tequila and lemonades while swaying like women possessed to his melancholic acoustic set. I may or may not have proposed to him via Twitter.

It turned out to be an extremely festive and educational night. I pretty much consider myself a tequila pro after experiencing all those combos and didn’t even feel half as bad as a I should have on Saturday morning.

Thanks for the jol, Jose!

Here’s a little Passenger, if you missed out!



Durbs, you’re in for a treat this Friday. Cool Runnings is hosting one sweet street party with a rather epic lineup. If you’re already on that end-of-the-month budget, no strezzz, here’s how to score some free tickets.

Kick this summer off by taking in two of Cape Town’s freshest and finest new acts at Durban’s hidden gem, Cool RunningsThor Rixon and Diamond Thug are embarking on a nationwide tour that sees them stopping off for a street party in our humble little party town. Yup, a street party. If the weather plays ball we’ll be dancing under the stars, if not, we’ll pack out the inside and party all the same with HOURS , The Sisters and DJ Fuego Heat joining the Capetonians in making you dance. 

If like me, the names Thor Rixon and Diamond Thug initially mean nothing to you, then peep these vids. Hey look, I live under a rock most of the time but it only took about 3 minutes to get me utterly stoked on their individually unique sounds. I can totally imagine “dancing under the stars” while listening to their mellow vibes. 


Thor Rixon ft Inge Beckmann  – Misery Belle


Diamond Thug – What I Think Now

Pretty cool huh? 

To win a set of double tickets to this kick-ass event, simply comment and tell me what your biggest fear is. This is a safe space, share in on your secrets kids. Also, a little humour never hurt nobody.

PS: This is gonna seem like a very arb question if you haven’t watched the videos so go back and do your homework you delinquents! 

Fo’ mo’, check the Facebook event here.


Woman Crush: JungFreud


I first laid eyes on this breath of fresh sub-culture air at Oppikoppi, in August this year.

After watching her effervescent performance alongside P.H Fat on their crack track (my new term for addictive beats) “Lights Out”, I simply had to get more of this SA local with a soulful voice and wicked rhymes.


With a sound and (deep) lyrics as soothingly philosophical as her stage name, it’s no wonder I got roped into her cheeky verses and throwback-esque musical stylings. She also sites some of my favourite African talent as her sources of inspiration, making my connection to her music all the more obvi.

She’s definitely her own brand of cool and the sort of effortless local talent that makes my heart beat all kinds of excitement. I pretty much pushed play on her Soundcloud and haven’t looked back since. Nor removed my headphones.

Nonku Phiri aka JungFreud is the kind of artist Redbull wants to fvck with, and the kind of girl C-HEADS magazine wants to profile. She’s also South African music royalty, with her pops being acclaimed jazz muso, Ray Phiri.

I can’t get enough of her music, her voice, her style – so check her out, mayn.


Image Source

OppiKoppi Odyssey


With more outfit changes than Beyoncé, I give to you my OppiKoppi experience.

I don’t get no Coachella or Glastonbury, so I got my festival chic on for my first OppiKoppi out in the dusty reserves of Limpopo.

Running water, clean toilets, plenty of stages, sick line-up (with acts all starting as per the schedule), veggie food galore, crazy crowd goers, old varsity friends and beautiful weather is how I would sum it up. I didn’t take my camera so all I have are a few iPhone pics of me trying to look inconspicuous whilst posing in a dust bowl. Not very rock ‘n roll, this blogging.


OppiKoppi Highlight Reel:

1. The 14 hour train ride from Durbs to Jozi. I don’t think I’ve partied like that on public transport before.

2. The moment when Steve hopped up on stage at the Bos tent for the most epic impromptu drumming.

3. HHP was seriously one of my favourite acts the whole fest. The 6 of us stood on the hillside dancing like loons on loon tablets for the full set.

4. The arts and crafts section where we made togas. Those togas were legit for about 35 minutes until we succumbed to heat and dust and torn them off.


5. Finding out the trippy waffle guy wasn’t just super trippy. He was snaffling drogas ilegales on the sidelines. The next day, there was just a vacant spot where his trippy waffle caravan once was. We all wondered why he’d decided to make his vanilla icecream, trippy green. 

6. Spotting two snakes whose cobra cove was conveniently situated at the opening of our camp. They turned out to be pretty cool neighbours for the full 4 days, making guest appearances every so often. 

7. Finding the one lone grassy patch, along a sidewalk and just napping there without a care in the world. We must have looked like 6 drunkards who peaked way too early. Meanwhile we were just zen with nature and woke up to do a yoga pose or two. Namaste, bitches.

8. While I am very disappointed with the fact that the sound was so shoddy for Cat Power, the shade that was being thrown at the sweating sound guy was quite entertaining.

9. The fact that the moon was so bright, that we all cast night shadows. Night shadows man, night shadows.

10. Wolfmother, Nomadic Orchestra, Grassy Sparks, The Muffinz, Spoek Mathambo, Hugh Masekela, HHP, Black Math. 

11. Six of us, dirty and stanking, sleeping like the dead on the flight home, after dropping off the filthiest rental car you ever did see.



Cheers Oppi, see you next year.  


Woodstock Mafia Pt. 2

Only 3 more days until some pretty rad lads get their rock ‘n roll on along the East Coast. If you thought the first part of the interviews were entertaining, well then you gotta check out what the rest of the band had to say….

Apparently rock ‘n rollers really are all about the sex and drugs. Typical.

From Owen, the cheese-grater

1. Our sound is thumping and grungy.

2. The filthiest band member is Ryan because he once stuck his finger up a cat’s butt.

3. We’d use our last 50 bucks for a bankie.

4. We hope Durban girls will be topless!

5. The thing we dig most about the SA music scene is free beers backstage.

And finally we have Joe:

1. Our sound is tight like a nun’s bum.

2. The filthiest band member is Ryan because he’s half ginger.

3. We’d use our last 50 bucks for 3 Black Labels to share between the band.

4. We hope Durban girls will be bare-chested.

5. The thing we dig most about the SA music scene is the unlimited cash put into bands 😉

You can flash your boobs at these guys out at Ollies Pub ‘n Grill on the 6th of June or Live The Venue on the 7th.

In the mean time, peep their YOUTUBE or SOUNDCLOUD

Woodstock Mafia Pt.1

To get you all in the mood for Cape Town musos, Woodstock Mafia, who will be melting faces along the East Coast next month, I chatted to the boys behind the 4-piece band and asked them a few rudimentary questions. After reading their individual answers, I have to say that I am now even more scared/excited/curious to see them live….

PS: Can’t look at Melrose the same way ever again after this. You have been warned.

Oom Ryan

1. Our sound is like a grunge rock milkshake. 

2. The filthiest band member is Owen because he once used Melrose Cheese inappropriately.

3. We’d use our last 50 bucks for a You Magazine. What else can you get for 50 bucks these days? Lovers Plus and a stick of droewors?

4. We hope Durban girls will be able to understand our accents. 

5. The thing we dig most about the SA music scene is the way people don’t give a shit and have a good time. 

Sticky Nicky

1. Our sound is like a meat lollipop.

2. The filthiest band member is Owen because he had unauthorised relations with a jar of cheese.

3. We’d use our last 50 bucks for a bankie of happiness.

4. We hope Durban girls will be pitch up.

5. The thing we dig most about the SA music scene is that you can have a drink with the bands after gigs, if you pay.

There are still two more band members to interrogate so look out for Part 2. Czech ‘em out at Ollies Pub ‘n Grill on the 6th of June or Live The Venue on the 7th.

And if you simply can’t wait THAT long to rock ‘n roll, then scope their YOUTUBE or SOUNDCLOUD. (Yes those words in caps are click through links you lazy bastards.)