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Get Lucky with Lucky Brand


Here’s how to get your own killer jeans…

Some of you may remember this post (click here) on my last pair of LB jeans. Needless to say, I basically live in them. Lucky Brand let me grab another pair so I tried on a few different styles and colours this time. Which ones are you feeling – The Charlie, The Brooke, The Charlie Super Skinny or The Lolita?


I chose the sweet grey Charlie skinny’s which will probably become a staple this winter.

Now dear readers, what’s cool is that not only are Lucky Brand offering you a 20% sale on accessories starting today, but they’ve also now got a range of jeans starting at R499. Hello shopping spree! They’re also starting live in-store music AKA “Lucky Sessions” so you can get down while checking out yo’ hot booty in dem jeans. (Their change rooms have some seriously flattering mirrors as a bonus.)

To celebrate, Lucky Brand and myself are giving away three pairs of jeans valued at R499! To enter, head to Facebook or the Twitter machine, follow @girlwithabum and @LuckyBrandSA and tell us which jeans you preferred and how you’d style them. You can tweet us or comment on the Facebook post as many times as ya like and you can also share the comp for extra entries. Click here for my Facebook and here for the Lucky Brand page. Winners announced 2 April.

Pst – these rad Lucky Brand offers are limited so head to their flagship store at the Pav and shop ‘em before they’re gone. They also have a range of shoes and accessories that you’ll dig.


5 Things People Assume About Bloggers


Here’s what I need you all to straight up know, right now. 

1.  They all reckon you’re a digital dominator

I’ve baffled so many people with my
very old, broken iPhone with no storage space, complete inability to sync shit
and utter confusion when talking about “The Cloud”. I’m a blogger, not Bill
Gates people. I am completely useless when it comes to tech – I still have a
physical day-planner and don’t read books on a Kindle. I kick it old school,
but mainly because I have some serious trust issues with computers.


 2. People think that you actually take yourself seriously

I hate telling people that I’m a blogger. It’s
the most obnoxious statement to pass my lips. Trust me, I know how hilarious it
all is, I laugh at myself on the daily. I’m just a regular human girl living a regular human girl life…


 3.  They decide that you must be overly self-confident

Yeah so what we take a few very posey pics
for “look posts”. I can promise it wasn’t without numerous moments of
self-hate, complete censorship, manic laughter and then the unadulterated freedom to
ensure that only the best 5 out of a disastrous 5671 snaps are posted.


4. People go to you for updates about all the coolest
new places 

Well, yes, maybe it’s my own fault because
I create this illusion that I know what’s hip-hop and happening with the young
folk. But truth be told, I’m not cool, I just happen to have very cool friends. They’re
the ones you should be asking about that sweet new bar in Umhlanga, I’ll only
find out about it 4 months later. I
mean, I’m still using Mean Girls gifs for god sakes!


 5. Ousiders definitely think you’re superficial and have like, no
personal privacy settings

Blogging is a hobby and just a way to keep
myself writing and snapping. I totes promzies that I see beyond posing in a new
skirt or decorating my flat. (Although that stuff is pretty fvcking fun.) And
yeah, I have quite an open sharing-is-caring policy about my life but my close friends all know that when it comes to the serious stuff, I am Fort Knox baby. At least for a full week. 




Your all new weekly round up!



Make a mini mission up to Treat Cafe in Botha’s Hill. Yummy menu, country vibes and plenty of stalls and what-not to check out while you’re that side.



Anything from fucking Thug Kitchen.



Get yourself a decent hand-cream. You’ll have pretty hands and something new to get all OCD about. I got my hemp hand protector from The Body Shop.


Invest in a pair of black, high-waisted tailored pants and be prepared for your life to change. Dress them up with a crop and heels or chill it out with a kimono and sandals. Winning! (Can you tell I write about fashion all day for a living?)



HoundstoothLBL are a “dark RNB” duo BOUT TO BLO’ YO’ MIND! Start off with “Dry”.




Love you some typography? Check out Chic Type and find your new desktop wallpaper. 



Want a daily LOL? Follow Cher on Twitter. Yes, as in the singer

Prom Queen

It’s been a crazy year of new jobs and hard graft so I gladly welcomed our annual Christmas party, with open arms. This year, it was prom themed so I went all out with an OTT skirt, crimped hair and regrettable glitter. As per usual, the Gloss Lady and I had to document the occasion with a cringey photo shoot, so check out what I wore!

Ears/Topshop   Lipstick/Amplified by MAC    Crop/Factorie    Necklace/MRP   Bag/Thrifted in London   Nails/Courtney Shaw     Skirt/Imagination Costume Hire       Shoes/Truworths 

Oh Audrey!


A little look book of my new short, ombre locks. 

After weeks of deliberating and hours in the salon, I finally present to you, my much shorter and blonder hurr. I’ve had almost every hair colour and hairstyle known to middle earth, but none quite like this! I love doing drastic and crazy things to my coiffure because you know, yolo, and also it grows back.

PS: In true first world problem style, which black crop do you think looks best for my Hepburn-esque look?

Racer Front – Factorie



Long Sleeve – Factorie



Strappy Crop – MRP


PS: Shot to Gloss Lady for the pics.

J x

Wedding Weirdness


A brief account of how I landed up doing the most bizarre impromptu look post shoot in the mist at Tala Game Reserve…

Last weekend, the Gloss Lady asked me to be her Plus One to a wedding. Normalsville right? That was until La told me that she was going as a “blogger proxy” for a friend who couldn’t be at her little brother’s Big Day. Apparently, it’s a common thing in the UK for people to send writers to weddings to capture the day for them, should they not be able attend.


So off we went, severely hungover from the night before, to a wedding where we knew no-one. We managed to get completely lost and run up to our seats as the bride was walking down the aisle. Our hopes to fly under the radar were now completely diminished and we spent the rest of the night explaining to people how we landed up in and amongst long lost friends and dear relatives.

Even better is that (as the seating arrangement put it) I was known as La’s “assistant” and we were placed at the table right in front of the wedding party. I now probably happen to feature heavily in most of the photos and film during the speeches as I am sure my bad allergies were mistaken for emotional tears. The camera was on me more than at the wedding where I was an actual bridesmaid.


The bride also kept giving us confused glares and I can’t blame her. Not only were we strangers at her meticulously planned and intimate do, but we were also the first to jump up to the buffet or to grab healthy helpings of dessert. 

Nothing better to do than take a few outfit pics while we were at it right?


Jumper/Factorie  Skirt/Topshop  Boots/Topshop  Sling Bag/Better Half

Sunnies/Forever New  Lippie/Mac Lady Danger

OppiKoppi Odyssey


With more outfit changes than Beyoncé, I give to you my OppiKoppi experience.

I don’t get no Coachella or Glastonbury, so I got my festival chic on for my first OppiKoppi out in the dusty reserves of Limpopo.

Running water, clean toilets, plenty of stages, sick line-up (with acts all starting as per the schedule), veggie food galore, crazy crowd goers, old varsity friends and beautiful weather is how I would sum it up. I didn’t take my camera so all I have are a few iPhone pics of me trying to look inconspicuous whilst posing in a dust bowl. Not very rock ‘n roll, this blogging.


OppiKoppi Highlight Reel:

1. The 14 hour train ride from Durbs to Jozi. I don’t think I’ve partied like that on public transport before.

2. The moment when Steve hopped up on stage at the Bos tent for the most epic impromptu drumming.

3. HHP was seriously one of my favourite acts the whole fest. The 6 of us stood on the hillside dancing like loons on loon tablets for the full set.

4. The arts and crafts section where we made togas. Those togas were legit for about 35 minutes until we succumbed to heat and dust and torn them off.


5. Finding out the trippy waffle guy wasn’t just super trippy. He was snaffling drogas ilegales on the sidelines. The next day, there was just a vacant spot where his trippy waffle caravan once was. We all wondered why he’d decided to make his vanilla icecream, trippy green. 

6. Spotting two snakes whose cobra cove was conveniently situated at the opening of our camp. They turned out to be pretty cool neighbours for the full 4 days, making guest appearances every so often. 

7. Finding the one lone grassy patch, along a sidewalk and just napping there without a care in the world. We must have looked like 6 drunkards who peaked way too early. Meanwhile we were just zen with nature and woke up to do a yoga pose or two. Namaste, bitches.

8. While I am very disappointed with the fact that the sound was so shoddy for Cat Power, the shade that was being thrown at the sweating sound guy was quite entertaining.

9. The fact that the moon was so bright, that we all cast night shadows. Night shadows man, night shadows.

10. Wolfmother, Nomadic Orchestra, Grassy Sparks, The Muffinz, Spoek Mathambo, Hugh Masekela, HHP, Black Math. 

11. Six of us, dirty and stanking, sleeping like the dead on the flight home, after dropping off the filthiest rental car you ever did see.



Cheers Oppi, see you next year.