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Get Lucky with Lucky Brand


Here’s how to get your own killer jeans…

Some of you may remember this post (click here) on my last pair of LB jeans. Needless to say, I basically live in them. Lucky Brand let me grab another pair so I tried on a few different styles and colours this time. Which ones are you feeling – The Charlie, The Brooke, The Charlie Super Skinny or The Lolita?


I chose the sweet grey Charlie skinny’s which will probably become a staple this winter.

Now dear readers, what’s cool is that not only are Lucky Brand offering you a 20% sale on accessories starting today, but they’ve also now got a range of jeans starting at R499. Hello shopping spree! They’re also starting live in-store music AKA “Lucky Sessions” so you can get down while checking out yo’ hot booty in dem jeans. (Their change rooms have some seriously flattering mirrors as a bonus.)

To celebrate, Lucky Brand and myself are giving away three pairs of jeans valued at R499! To enter, head to Facebook or the Twitter machine, follow @girlwithabum and @LuckyBrandSA and tell us which jeans you preferred and how you’d style them. You can tweet us or comment on the Facebook post as many times as ya like and you can also share the comp for extra entries. Click here for my Facebook and here for the Lucky Brand page. Winners announced 2 April.

Pst – these rad Lucky Brand offers are limited so head to their flagship store at the Pav and shop ‘em before they’re gone. They also have a range of shoes and accessories that you’ll dig.




If I had to explain DiRTY COLLECTiVE to you, I would simply say “dope shit”.

So here for you today ladies and gents, is a little expose’ of one of my favourite local brands and online sales houses.



Ola Chad! So tell us, who is behind DiRTY COLLECTiVE? 

C: Team DiRTY is made up of myself, Chad Hudson, AKA Creative Director- a fan of most things dark/dirty/out of the box. Alex Etchells – Co Founder/ Director and a hustler in every sense of the word as well as Devon Etchells, our man on the street in CPT.

 What do we have in common? A severe bromance going on with all kinds of Street Wear. We’re also all about locally produced goodness.

Kiffness! What is DiRTY COLLECTiVE exactly?

C: DiRTY COLLECTiVE is a platform that provides local brands and creatives with the opportunity to sell and showcase their work to a wide range of people. It is also a space where all kinds of creatives can come together and showcase themselves through our blog networks and artist series collaborations.

We love a little local collaboration. So what drives this goal of yours?

C: A Green Mamba Passport and the realization that the creative talent in this country is too legit to quit.

We see that music plays a big role in your brand’s fresh identity, and obviously influences your own brand of street wear, Dirty Funka. The DiRTY COLLECTiVE webpage is loaded with music based articles as well as international and local playlists. So on that note, if you could change one thing about the South African music scene, what would it be?

C: Nothing, I think we are doing our thing and that there is a ton of goodness rolling out at the moment. All these music festivals like Rocking the Daisies and Oppi Koppi are doing a fantastic job at getting the best acts in one place and making them known. Homies like Black Coffee, PH Fat, Christian Tiger School, Jeremy Loops to the members from the trance scene in the Cape and the hip-hop coming out of Jozi- the whole scene is just blowing up and so many of our local artists are getting international attention which is phenomenal!

You obviously like the idea of locals collaborating in the sense that you yourself can be considered a local talent, but also then offer a network for exposure of other creatives. Would you say it’s a passion of yours, highlighting what the country has to offer, in terms of music and brands?

C: It’s definitely a passion of ours. We’re proudly South African in every sense of the word. We live in a country that is flooded with imports and dominated by trends set in Europe and the States. People need to start taking the time to check out what we have on offer. Local talents are making waves and I don’t think that a lot of them get the recognition that they deserve. (Well, in the mass market anyway.)

Where would you ideally like to grow this this brand and platform to?

C: I don’t think that there is an exact place that we want to grow this to; I think the key is to just keep growing. The more we grow the more we learn and visa versa. We like to look at it as an adventure, not knowing what’s around the next corner, but still knowing that we are heading in the right direction. We have a ton of ideas in the pipeline, but one thing always tends to lead to another.



If you had to describe the vibe of Dirty Collective in song lyrics…what lyrics would they be?

C: “Sick of the week I hope you’re a freak on the weekend” – PH Fat

Best thing about the Durban scene according to your team?

C: The creative scene in Durban is still very much an underground vibe. This can be looked at as a good or a bad thing! I do think that everyday folk in these parts need to start to appreciate and support what creatives are doing because that is the only way it will grow. 

Amen brother, we feel you! Who benefits from a site like DiRTY COLLECTiVE?

C: Brands and the creatives behind them obviously benefit from the exposure as well as having an online point of sale for their merch. Errbboddy else benefits from the website because they can now check out unique products and get their hands on gear that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to find anywhere else. It’s a win-win situation.




If this sounds like your vibe then check out their webpage or visit their walk-in warehouse at The Collective,Florida Road.

They stock a wide variety of local brands and products and it’s definitely worth the visit if you are looking for something unique to add to your wardrobe.

J xx



Did I need it?No. Do I love it?Yes!

A few spoilings as of late that I had to share

Heels: Zara

Union Jack Cardi: Lady and the Punk

Leopard print sneakers : Cotton On

Chunky Gold Chain: Sass Diva

Lippie: Mac ( Mac Red and Up The Amp)

Tiger Tee : Cotton On

Studded creepers : Toya Delazy for Legit