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And co.


This just in! A few local lasses have teamed up to create a series of pop-up markets and shops, stocked with Durban’s finest fashion and accessories. 

We swung by their last event on Tuesday, located on a secret rooftop complete with cupcakes, live music and shopping. Hello, Bliss!







Find out about the next secret pop-up by liking And Co. on the book – featuring some seriously talented individuals such as Becca Blair and Abi Road. Peep And Co. for bags, kimonos, thrifted wonders, handmade clothing and more. It’s local goodness and unique finds all the way baby!

Check them out and get some Christmas shopping done for your friends and family.

And like more importantly, yourself. 

Happy Holidaze kids!


Sol-Sol Durban Pop Up Store


Assuming you’re all up to date with the Sol-Sol menswear trend, assuming you all want to cop some, assuming you want to know where to get your hands on the merch… 

Sol-Sol is running a little pop-up shop at 150 Florida Road.

Monday to Thursday: 1 – 4 pm

Friday: 1 – 3:30 pm

Read about the brand here.

Can’t get to the store? Then shop online! CLICK HURR.

Hitting Up The 011: Part Two

My bestie took us to a lovely cafe called Lucky Bean. We got all dolled up, and feasted outside on the porch overlooking the trendy streets of Melville. I had a veggie quinoa dish and the rest tucked into meaty lamb shanks and pastries.

On Sunday, we awoke to yet another sun soaked day. We put on our best spring outfits and headed to Arts On Main for their market and some breakie. This used to be my favourite spot when living in PTA.

I had a mung-bean flat bread and freshly squeezed pineapple juice. We waltzed in between the art and clothing with a lazy Sunday swagger.

Was also lucky enough to do a little shopping at Melrose Arch later that day, so that I could get my hands on the new Rihanna MAC collection.

Here’s what I got thanks to Jozi and my BFF:

1. Black headscarf for the turban trend I intend to master.

2. Denim cut off jacket from Kitcheners

3. MAC natural lipliner and RiRi mascara

4. Organic Vegan Chili Chocolate. Mmmm.

5. Gold coral necklace

6.Black sunnies ( You can never have too many pairs now can you?)

7.Mickey Mouse printed tee

LOVING my RiRi mascara.

Missed Part One of this this jol? Read here!


STOP.Hammer time!


I ordered the sweetest floral bomber jacket from Lambley – this rad online thrift store ,run by a darling called Tarryn. I can’t express how impressed I was by how quick the delivery time was and what good condition the jacket is in. Seriously, if you’re looking for some unique fashion inspiration, you need to check out the Facebook page for this girl.She has the best taste and you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting good quality ,original finds.

Here is me,looking 80’s fabulous in my jacket,a lot cheaper than the ones trending from Balenciaga at the moment. Thanks Glossary Lauren for the pics during our lunch break at work.You’re the best boss lady a gal could ever ask for. 








A Good Exchange


“Swapping is the new shopping”

I was extremely intrigued the moment I heard about the Live Trade going on at the Upstairs, last Thursday evening. Funny story is that autocorrect made me invite a new friend to a “love trade”. There was at least a full hour before I realized and an hour of someone thinking I was a swinger!


What the event really was, was an expose’ of all the fine young things in Durban’s talent department. Durban creatives selling anything from their home made goods ( illustrations, clothes etc) to entrepreneurs offering their services, signed up for the Live Trade. Their goods were put on display for the public to check out as well as the other traders to start eyeing out what they wished they owned. The facilitators then aided the trading process between the creatives. How cool is that?

What a great initiative. Local supporting local and going back to basics!



There is certainly a lot of room for growth as the trading was previously done via the internet.The Live Trade allowed for the public to get involved as we could start sussing out what we’d like to buy and where we could find stock of the items/services on display. It would have been great if the traders had their own tables so that we could engage with them and ask some questions, as obviously we couldn’t trade on the night. Unfortunately bringing a bag of sweets from Woolies didn’t count.


I walked away with a sweet Dirty Funka peak cap after finding a trader that I could “buy trade points from”. That worked out in my favour, I’m in love with that cap.

Pizza was available to guests, and not just any Pizza, Spiga pizza.It was nice to grab a drink and mingle in between all the greatness Durban has to offer and I’d definitely recommend getting your butts to the next one!


To get involved:





Lauren Wallett and Terry Angelos of  A Good Exchange

Introducing Bianca Kim


I will boldly admit that Bianca Kim is by far one of my favourite and well worn Durban brands.Not only are their designs fashion-forward and contemporary but super affordable too.Naturally, I just had to share this with the rest of you who are tired of waiting months for local stores to bring out the trends you want and would much prefer to be rocking your edgy outfits,today!

Introducing the lady behind the name- Bianca Van Aardt.


Aloha Bianca!Tell us a little about yourself!

B: I am a fashion designer ,business women and shoe-lover all in one!

When and how did you come up with your brand?

B: I got started only a few months after finishing college. This year Bianca Kim clothing turned four years young in March.

I basically began with a few pieces of cotton Lycra and started sewing body con skirts- which were all the rage back then! I then began posting pictures on my Facebook page and the next thing I knew, orders where flying in!One thing lead to another and I couldn’t keep up with sewing and making up products all on my own, so I now have two “cut, make and trim” factories that do it all for me.


What exactly does Bianca Kim have to offer consumers?

B: BK offers clothing and accessories that are special, unique and trendy. We pride ourselves in being fashion-forward and offering something different to make our customers stand out from the crowd. A Bianca Kim girl is a woman who is fashion-conscious and not afraid to take risks with her wardrobe .She will always look and feel her best!


Right on!Explain BK in a few words

 B: Trendy, edgy, confident and fun.

When was the point that you realized “Hey! This is working! I am living my dream here!”

B: As I mentioned, I just realized that people loved my clothing and enjoyed my style. Seeing people on the streets and in shopping malls as well as friends-of-friends on Facebook wearing Bianca Kim was so surreal and exciting! It is a very humbling experience for me to see this business grow into what it is today and we are very excited for the amazing opportunities that the future holds for Bianca Kim!


 Any advice for people wanting to get on the same track?

B: Never give up on your dreams, but remember that the fashion industry is not all rainbows and high heels. It’s hard work and it takes a lot of determination.My motto is “love what you do and you will never work a single day in your life.”


How can we get our hands on your goods ?

B: We sell online and deliver anywhere in South Africa and with our next-day, door to door delivery, it’s as easy as one, two, three!

We also stock stores throughout SA in Jozi, Cape Town and Durban. You can also come find our stall at the I Heart Market.

For shops that stock Bianca Kim, check out the store locator available on our website:




With Love From Bambi

With an array of music festivals around the corner, it was necessary to share with you all ,the must have accessory for the season- introducing, the Spirit Hood! LFB is an up and coming South African original that provides trendy consumers with some unique fashion for those with an original sense of style.We chatted to the brainchild behind this brand, Caitlin Du Plessis.


Hello Caitlin!Tell us little about yourself!

C: I am an advertising student in Jozi , South Africa.

When and how did you come up with your brand,Love From Bambi?

C: One night in August 2012 I came across a girl wearing a spirit hood (a faux fur animal hood) and from that moment on I fell in love. I tried to find one in South Africa and couldn’t and so I bought one from America. It was in the moment that I received mine that Love from Bambi was born. I thought if I love them so much and there are so few in South Africa, why not bring them here for other people and sell them on a Facebook page. It is as simple as that.

So very cool! Tell us what you feel your brand embodies and stands for within our community

C: Starting the brand was the most important thing. For me it was a risk, and something I’ve had to be brave about and so that is what I have based the image of Love From Bambi on. Bambi was my nickname given to me by friends when I had to be out going. It is about self-empowerment and almost having an alter ego to achieve the things you would be too scared to go after without one. Love from Bambi is about having no inhibitions; it’s about being free; about convincing yourself that you shouldn’t give a shit what people think, being opinionated and it is inspired by wise and insightful cultures. It is about following instinct and passion. It is a reminder why we love and respect the mavericks of the world, the independent thinkers and that is why I have created the brand image to cater to them. It is a love for animals, which is why for every spirit hood that I sell, R20 is donated to the SPCA.

We are so amped on the fact that you donate to the SPCA!But what exactly does Love From Bambi have to offer consumers?

C: I have started off with spirit hoods and that is what I offer consumers now but there is more to come and I am very excited about the opportunities that I have been given through the launch of Love from Bambi. LFB in 5 words is empowered, wild, spirited, independent, aware.


When does one use a spirit hood?

C: Spirit hoods are mostly worn at trance parties and music festivals but I wear mine anywhere if it’s cold enough!


How can we get our hands on a spirit hood and how long will it take? 

C: All you have to do is choose a hood you like and inbox me on my Facebook page and I will either meet with you personally or post it to you depending on how far away you are. But I go out of my way until it is in your hands. It is still fairly new so it is all based on my FB page for now. 


For those of you as stoked to get yourself ( and your homies ) one of these babies, check out: