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Chilling in China


We recently returned from a rather magical trip, travelling China.

As promised, here’s a little post and some pics.

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Packing for China


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Eek! I leave on an adventure with my boyfriend this week.

Seeings as I’m obsessed with packing and travel, I’ve already put together checklists and game plans for the best pack possible. Here’s what I’m taking along…

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The Boiler Room

Try this new spot out for size. It’s like, erm, so hot right now!

The Boiler room is fast becoming one of the most Instagrammed things in Durban since sunset shots of the stadium. It’s not our own local version of underground music site, Boiler Room, but rather a sweet spot to grab some decent chow. As per usual, I had to try and not be the very last person to check it out so I rounded up a few work homies from Friday night’s jol, for a Saturday morning hangover breakfast.


This place has an effortless industrial edge about it and an open and airy atmosphere. It’s the second child from the creators of 9th Avenue Bistro, and caters to a much more relaxed crowd who still like to enjoy some good, good eatin’. We loved our coffee and croissants so much that we sat there for over 2 hours taking in the place and chugging back our dark roast cappuccinos. (Which is notably, much better than the medium roast dear Coffee Addicts Anonymous.)


Hit it up for your next laid back lunch or get out of the friendzone by taking your crush on a date to the 031’s hippest restaurant. They’ll be so impressed that you aren’t taking them to Dropkicks, or to the stadium at sunset.


Tel:  031 3129134

Address: Lion Match Office Park,
892 Umgeni Rd,

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri 7:30 – 3:30
Sat: 8am -2pm


Woman Crush: JungFreud


I first laid eyes on this breath of fresh sub-culture air at Oppikoppi, in August this year.

After watching her effervescent performance alongside P.H Fat on their crack track (my new term for addictive beats) “Lights Out”, I simply had to get more of this SA local with a soulful voice and wicked rhymes.


With a sound and (deep) lyrics as soothingly philosophical as her stage name, it’s no wonder I got roped into her cheeky verses and throwback-esque musical stylings. She also sites some of my favourite African talent as her sources of inspiration, making my connection to her music all the more obvi.

She’s definitely her own brand of cool and the sort of effortless local talent that makes my heart beat all kinds of excitement. I pretty much pushed play on her Soundcloud and haven’t looked back since. Nor removed my headphones.

Nonku Phiri aka JungFreud is the kind of artist Redbull wants to fvck with, and the kind of girl C-HEADS magazine wants to profile. She’s also South African music royalty, with her pops being acclaimed jazz muso, Ray Phiri.

I can’t get enough of her music, her voice, her style – so check her out, mayn.


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Feeling Lucky?


I had the privilege of being invited to the Lucky Brand relaunch of their Denim Donation Drive.

I got to choose a pair of jeans in exchange for any pair of old denims and let me tell you, it was a very hard choice, rivalling the decision whether to cut a fringe or not, or what to order at my favourite restaurant. 

Normally jeans shopping is an absolute nightmare for me – I generally stay very far away from this traumatic experience. I have a smallish waist, big butt and short legs – jeans weren’t made for this booty without some serious tailoring. Yet, for the first time in the history of ever, every single pair I tried on was perfectly fitted, super luxe and comfy as hell. Now all of a sudden, the nightmare was choosing my favourite out of all the beautiful fits and washes.


In between wine sipping and grooving to the DJ, I finally settled on these ripped dark wash skinnies AKA The Charlie Skinny (Right). It was a close call between the light wash high-rise skinnies on the left!

If you want to get your hands on your own pair, all you have to do is bring in a pair of your old, lightly worn jeans (any brand!) and get 50% off a brand new pair of stunning denims.  

All denims collected will be donated to the SOS Children’s Villages. They run a project in Port Elizabeth whereby repurposed denims are sold for profit by women in the community, who are then able to support themselves through this awesome initiative.


I was helped by a strapping young lad named Reese who selected my perfect size after taking one look at me, despite my usual protests for a larger one. Brother had skillz. 

Support a good cause and get some rad new jeans pant – what’s not to love?



The Morning Trade

Just a few pics from The Morning Trade opening, this past weekend.  Incase you missed every other Durbanite’s Instagram feed. 

It’s a really exciting time to be in Durbs and I am overjoyed at the fact that we’re getting our own arts and culture hub.

It was pretty darn impressive to see the high attendance at the opening of this art and foodie market. Durban stereotype – completely blown out of the water. The masses came out to support this venture and I see this as a very good sign of things to come. You go on with your bad self, Durban! 

With so much else on the cards for the Rivertown Precinct as well an exciting piece of local history being unearthed, we really have a lot to look forward to over the next few months. Cape what? Johannes who?

Head to 8 Morrison Street every Saturday for artisan produce, a good cuppa, foodie heaven and maybe even a sneaky mimosa or two. Let’s hear it for morning drank!

Speaking of drank, don’t forget The Archiball at the John Milne Street Beer Hall this evening. We’re gonna party on school night! 

Woodstock Mafia Pt.1

To get you all in the mood for Cape Town musos, Woodstock Mafia, who will be melting faces along the East Coast next month, I chatted to the boys behind the 4-piece band and asked them a few rudimentary questions. After reading their individual answers, I have to say that I am now even more scared/excited/curious to see them live….

PS: Can’t look at Melrose the same way ever again after this. You have been warned.

Oom Ryan

1. Our sound is like a grunge rock milkshake. 

2. The filthiest band member is Owen because he once used Melrose Cheese inappropriately.

3. We’d use our last 50 bucks for a You Magazine. What else can you get for 50 bucks these days? Lovers Plus and a stick of droewors?

4. We hope Durban girls will be able to understand our accents. 

5. The thing we dig most about the SA music scene is the way people don’t give a shit and have a good time. 

Sticky Nicky

1. Our sound is like a meat lollipop.

2. The filthiest band member is Owen because he had unauthorised relations with a jar of cheese.

3. We’d use our last 50 bucks for a bankie of happiness.

4. We hope Durban girls will be pitch up.

5. The thing we dig most about the SA music scene is that you can have a drink with the bands after gigs, if you pay.

There are still two more band members to interrogate so look out for Part 2. Czech ‘em out at Ollies Pub ‘n Grill on the 6th of June or Live The Venue on the 7th.

And if you simply can’t wait THAT long to rock ‘n roll, then scope their YOUTUBE or SOUNDCLOUD. (Yes those words in caps are click through links you lazy bastards.)