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Faithful To Nature: March Haul

IMG_1141I recently copped a few Mama Earth friendly finds from Faithful To Nature.

Here’s what I got and how I feel about it.

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The Dollfins


I tend to jump on trains, a million miles after they left the station. It’s ok, I don’t mind being uncool and a little late on the uptake. I do mind however that no-one told me about female-fronted retro-punk band, The Dollfins, until I watched them play at Live in December .

My god. Is there a superlative for obsessed? Oh yeah, it’s stalker. Which is exactly what I looked like after I drunkenly cornered their bassist after the gig to fangirl a bit. 


They’re all freaking hot. And punk-rock as fuck. And a little bit old-school. And I would be lying if I didn’t draw the obvious comparison to the lead’s vocal and personal style, to that of Alison Mosshart. Or maybe, I don’t have a refined enough palette to be making these wild statements, which is all the more reason for you to check them out and decide for yourself. 

The three-piece set has been rocking and rolling around SA for quite a few years now and this review by Roger Young for Rolling Stone, pretty much says what I wish I could have articulated sooner.


In the spirit of anarchy and general bad-assness,I stole all these pics from their Facebook page so you should check that shit OUT.

And also their SoundCloud.

And this video.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvTNMhj5qyg?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1&origin=http://safe.txmblr.com&wmode=opaque&w=500&h=281]

Red Huxley – My Own Way

Here’s a little something to rock up Hump Day and get you all amped for the weekend.

Fellas, watch this for the hunnys. Ladies, watch it for the hotties. Everyone watch it for 4:39 minutes of musical awesomeness.

There’s nothing not to love.

J xx

Red Huxley in the 031

When I first heard Red Huxley, I got that same feeling I get when I listen to Hendrix or The Black Keys. The feeling where I just want to do something recklessly rock ‘n roll like jump in my car, light up a smoke, fall in love with a stranger or drive into the night without paying my library fines.

I got even more excited to find out that these boys hailed from the Mother City. Their sound is rather unique to the SA music scene, making these soulful rock ‘n rollers a pleasure to hear at local gigs.

The band is made up of Dylan Jones on guitar, Matthew Pullen on bass and Murray Stephenson on drums and these boys have been melting faces as well as hearts since 2010.

Naturally, I was in my eli when I heard that these kids would be shaking up my home town for the very first time. This would also be the only chance I’ve had since Splashy Fen this year, to see these guys live in action. This is a band and they make me dance, ok?! 

I caught up with Red Huxley, to ask them a few questions, so that us Durbanites, know what to expect this weekend.

Red Huxley Is …

A rock band from Cape Town, who have just released their debut album recorded with Eagles of Death Metals’ guitarist, Dave Catching, in his studio in Joshua Tree, California.

We’re amped to play Durban because

We are yet to play a show there. We had one of our best jams at Splashy Fen at the beginning of this year, just a taste of what KZN has to offer. 

We’ve heard Durban women are…

Crazy and that they love stampeding rock gigs straight from the beach in their bikinis. 

The craziest band member is

All of us actually, because we tend to go mental depending on the time of year and the amount of Jagermeister there is in the atmosphere.

Our music sounds like

Loud jamming rock music mixed with chilled bluesy soul with a drop of old school rock and roll.

 Don’t come to our gig without…

Your party pants on. 

Our biggest secret is that…

We’re planning to make our way into the eardrums of everyone in the world!

The worst music artist out right now is…

Anyone that is chasing dolla and surfing trends instead of being awesome!

You can catch these talented rockstahs at The Winston this Friday or at Live on Saturday night.

You can also get the lowdown on Red Huxley here. 

Blog Crush: Crazy White Bitches

I first met Fani at a TV Commercial casting. She was the Tumblr-fabulous girl taking names and making shit happen . Since then I have gotten familiar with her blog that she co-runs with an equally on-point mamasita called Isa. The nature of this relationship is a little ambiguous and I guess I just can’t keep up with the cool kids.

Their blog exposes the antics of two, well, crazy white bitches living it up in The Republic. They both have insane retro style and a brazen We Just Don’t Give A Fuck attitude that I tend to live vicariously through. On the blog you can find links to music, local clothing lines and fashion lust-haves as well an insight into their general shenanigans. They do it all – study, work, play, DJ and even, design. Fani and Isa just showed Mzansi their all-encompassing talent at SRT.CRD 2013. I stole some pics off of the blog for those of you who are still unconvinced.









Let me guess – you’re as fascinated as I am! If you dig their threads and style as much as I do, then check out Crazy White Bitches for your daily dose of hip-as-fuck dopeness.

J xx

The Paper Planes

The last thing you expect whilst lazing at home on an overcast Sunday afternoon, is for a band of cool kids to rock up at your door and ask you to do an impromptu photoshoot for them.

The Paper Planes consists of Steve Murray on bass, Rudi Van Der Zee on drums,Nick Pitman on electric guitar and Badyn Holesgrove on acoustic guitar and lead vocals.

In their own words, The Paper Planes are “A collection of talented muzos who recently got together to take the acoustic music of Badyn Holesgrove and turn it into a hard hitting indie/blues rock sound guaranteed to get some takkies squeaking.”

For now, these guys are a well kept, up and coming secret.So my trendy young things who want to be ahead of the crowd, check these guys out on the Facebook for upcoming gigs and hardcore rock ‘n roll pics of Badyn grabbing his crotch and the illusive Long Sock Steve.


70’s Dream

I adore the 60/70’s. I was Jimi’s biggest groupie in a past life. I am an earthchild/flowerchild at the best of times. So when this 70’s hippie dress of my dreams came up on the My Scattered Hearpage,I had to have it.

Naturally I also had to pair it up with one of my handmade flower crowns and monochromatic heels from Mr Price.I also threw in some good ol’ ring shots and peace signs,just for mugs.If that isn’t hispter cool enough for you,then check out the gif! 😉








Love to photographer extraordinaire, Lauren.

J xx