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Wanna hit up Splashy but aint got no cash money? No strezzz!

We got you.

Thanks to the good people over at Jose Cuervo, I’ve got a set of double tickets to give away for Splashy Fen 2015 – Y’know that music fest that runs over Easter Weekend, set in the breathtaking Underberg (the one with the rad rivers to play in all day?). Yeah you know the one.

To stand a chance at getting your hands on ‘em all you have to do is head to the Twitter Machine.

Make sure you’re following @girlwithabum and @JoseCuervoSa (obvi) and tell us in 140 characters or less how you’d start a #cuervolucion.

What, pray tell, is a Cuervolucion?

You know that moment when you’re having a relatively chilled jol and then next minute you’re running around starkers except for a stolen sombrero? That catalyst is the start of a Cuervolucion – whether it was those few extra shots of Jose or a dare to down your margarita. It’s that moment you really get too turnt and take it from vibe to “WTF EVEN HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?”

Needless to say, make sure to @ both myself and Mr Cuervo and use the #cuervolucion hashtag.  

Not on the Twitter machine? Comment on the Facebook post and give it a share or a like for extra brownie points. Click here.

The winner will be based on the epicness of their Tweet/comment and I will be getting help from JC to judge, so there are no extra points for how much I like you or I’d have to give tickets to all of you petals.

You can enter as many times as ya like and I will be announcing the lucky devil on Twitter and FB on Friday the 27th of March so get a-Tweeting or a-commenting!

2013 sure was…something.

Yessir, I’m back! Back from one of the best holidays I’ve had in a while, back from checking out of life and social media for a while, back with a vengeance!

It is only fitting to begin the new year of bloggity blogging with a little reflection back on 2013 and what I hope for 2014. 

Here’s what twennythirteen had for me:

Said goodbye to a varsity friend. Rest Peacefully. 

Shook off India

I traveled and skied around Austria


Hated life while living like a jobless bum at home

Made and sold floral headbands for some extra cash

Went to a few dozen gigs, exhibitions and markets.

Started blogging as Girl With A Bum

Lost a few beloved pets. Miss you Misty and Izzy. 

Went to my first Splashy Fen


Got a speeding fine. Or two.

Watched my baby brother go to his matric dance and turn 18.

Became a Guest Grammer for the Factory Cafe

Interned at the Legal Resources Centre

Watched the legends RHCP in Cape Town


Got an actual job at Synergy Marketing Partners

Paid taxes

Moved out of the house and in with friends

Hit up the Durban July


Started guest blogging for for Durban Is Yours. Yes!

Had dinner with Taxi Violence

Got some new ink. And then some more. 

Got two puppies. And a hedgehog. And a rat.


Made some bad-ass friends

Went vegan. Then vegetarian.Then vegan again.

Started juicing

Got shortlisted for a TV commercial. 

Went to two incredible weddings


Got addicted to Bitstrips. Got hated for it.

Started Belly Dancing classes

Entered Elle Style Reporter 2014

Spent a few weekends up in the mountains and down by the seaside.

Spent a wild weekend in Jozi for In The City 


Threw a Halloween Ball

Got an undercut, then cut off half my hair.

Went through a really bad breakup

Quit my job

Pretended to be a shmodel for a day


Had a massive weekend-long sleep over with Red Huxley

Accepted a new job. My dream job.

Went to far too many wild parties

Saw amazing friends get engaged. And preggers. 

Got faded

Bought three pairs of sneakers

Met a cute boy

Turned 24

Lived to tell the tale. 


Watch more sunrises

Write neatly

Read everything

Make glorious mistakes.

J xx