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5 Things People Assume About Bloggers


Here’s what I need you all to straight up know, right now. 

1.  They all reckon you’re a digital dominator

I’ve baffled so many people with my
very old, broken iPhone with no storage space, complete inability to sync shit
and utter confusion when talking about “The Cloud”. I’m a blogger, not Bill
Gates people. I am completely useless when it comes to tech – I still have a
physical day-planner and don’t read books on a Kindle. I kick it old school,
but mainly because I have some serious trust issues with computers.


 2. People think that you actually take yourself seriously

I hate telling people that I’m a blogger. It’s
the most obnoxious statement to pass my lips. Trust me, I know how hilarious it
all is, I laugh at myself on the daily. I’m just a regular human girl living a regular human girl life…


 3.  They decide that you must be overly self-confident

Yeah so what we take a few very posey pics
for “look posts”. I can promise it wasn’t without numerous moments of
self-hate, complete censorship, manic laughter and then the unadulterated freedom to
ensure that only the best 5 out of a disastrous 5671 snaps are posted.


4. People go to you for updates about all the coolest
new places 

Well, yes, maybe it’s my own fault because
I create this illusion that I know what’s hip-hop and happening with the young
folk. But truth be told, I’m not cool, I just happen to have very cool friends. They’re
the ones you should be asking about that sweet new bar in Umhlanga, I’ll only
find out about it 4 months later. I
mean, I’m still using Mean Girls gifs for god sakes!


 5. Ousiders definitely think you’re superficial and have like, no
personal privacy settings

Blogging is a hobby and just a way to keep
myself writing and snapping. I totes promzies that I see beyond posing in a new
skirt or decorating my flat. (Although that stuff is pretty fvcking fun.) And
yeah, I have quite an open sharing-is-caring policy about my life but my close friends all know that when it comes to the serious stuff, I am Fort Knox baby. At least for a full week. 


I love bad bitches, that’s my phucking prollem.

During this blogging journey, I’ve “met” a lot of cool girls (and some guys!). I’m talking about local bloggers who actually respond to comments, care about their readers and are as sassy as hell. Some of these ladies remain technical strangers while others have become good friends after understanding them better from all their online musings.

Down to earth females are not in as abundant supply as one would think, so here are my top friendly birds that I’ve grown to love and respect within the social media sphere. Thanks for the support and BIG thanks for not being full of it. It’s rare to connect with strangers but special to connect with ones who are individually talented and gorgeous. I dig ya’lls online presence – keep up the humour and personality and thanks for taking the time to keep up with lil’ old me.

Give these flavours a try:

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5. Anja

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