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Wanna hit up Splashy but aint got no cash money? No strezzz!

We got you.

Thanks to the good people over at Jose Cuervo, I’ve got a set of double tickets to give away for Splashy Fen 2015 – Y’know that music fest that runs over Easter Weekend, set in the breathtaking Underberg (the one with the rad rivers to play in all day?). Yeah you know the one.

To stand a chance at getting your hands on ‘em all you have to do is head to the Twitter Machine.

Make sure you’re following @girlwithabum and @JoseCuervoSa (obvi) and tell us in 140 characters or less how you’d start a #cuervolucion.

What, pray tell, is a Cuervolucion?

You know that moment when you’re having a relatively chilled jol and then next minute you’re running around starkers except for a stolen sombrero? That catalyst is the start of a Cuervolucion – whether it was those few extra shots of Jose or a dare to down your margarita. It’s that moment you really get too turnt and take it from vibe to “WTF EVEN HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?”

Needless to say, make sure to @ both myself and Mr Cuervo and use the #cuervolucion hashtag.  

Not on the Twitter machine? Comment on the Facebook post and give it a share or a like for extra brownie points. Click here.

The winner will be based on the epicness of their Tweet/comment and I will be getting help from JC to judge, so there are no extra points for how much I like you or I’d have to give tickets to all of you petals.

You can enter as many times as ya like and I will be announcing the lucky devil on Twitter and FB on Friday the 27th of March so get a-Tweeting or a-commenting!

Cooking things up with the Fry’s Guy


Being a vegetarian I decided to call on a friend who supports this cause that is close to my heart. Brett Thompson is The Fry’s Guy and we chatted to him about meat free living and the cons of hasthtags.

Hello! Tell us a few random facts about the Fry’s Guy

B: I have no idea what I am doing at Fry’s most of the time. I really just try to get people to put veggie burgers in their mouths. Other than that I manage our websites, write the blog, jump into freezers at your local PnP, tweet, Facebook, etc.

Silly fact: I once drove a 1974 VW Kombi from Nelspruit to Durban via Johannesburg without a seatbelt. Please don’t tell my mom.

Rebel!And to think people say vegetarian men must be pansies! So why vegetarian?

B: Short story long.

My mom has been a veggie for 30 years so I always knew about it. I used to give her gears and ask for bacon on everything! Then about 5 years ago, I did a course on “Applied Ethics” at varsity which gave a thorough and logical argument  as to why you shouldn’t eat animals, and that was that.

So true!Once you realize being a vegetarian has an ecological,economical and health effect as well , you can’t ignore it.What is your favourite veggie meal?

B: Obviously a Fry’s burger. Okay, I will not do any shameless advertising. My favourite meal… The mixed veg roti from Johnny’s. It is life-changing.

Best places to eat out and jol at in Durban?

B: The best place to eat a veggie meal out is Earthmother in Berea. Hands down. The “Vs” stand for vegan and not vegetarian, so you know you are catered for. I like to squeak tekkie at Live: The Venue after a few nectars at Amsterdam.


Agreed!Earthmother has a seriously great meat free menu! Tell us a little about the Fry’s company.

B: The company was started by Wally and Debbie Fry back in 1991, in order to make tasty alternatives to meat for their own consumption. The food was so cool that it was listed in Pick n Pay and now is available in over 20 countries across the globe with 23 meat free products. The company is still wholly owned and operated by the Fry’s family and is committed to making food that is not only tasty but good for you and the environment, as well as our furry friends.

Yay for another proudly Durban product! Do your animal-hugging ways make the ladies fall at your feet?

B:I live in South Africa, where chicken is considered a vegetable. There still is this overriding perception that real men eat meat. So to answer your question, no. But I also think it may be due to my use of “hashtag” in everyday conversations.

#forreal….Durban is awesome because…

B:Curries. Curries everywhere!

Which came first, the egg or the chicken?

B: The chicken came first. Period.


Brett is hilarious and fun to follow regardless of your meat eating status.

Check out his social media sites to learn more about meatless Monday’s or just laugh at his snappy banter.