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Tree Huggers ASSEMBLE!


Small things you can do errday to help out Mama Earth!

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Juiced Co Juice Cleanse: Day 3


While the side-effects and hunger pangs were at an all time low yesterday, I was definitely on the emotional side of a juice cleanse. So my super supportive boyfriend sent me these lovely flowers and a card! Finished. 

My mom and bestie have also been awesome at cheering me on and sending supportive messages – trust me, you’re gonna wanna have a few people in your corner when cleansing!

Day 3 I woke up and sipped some lemon water while taking a soothing bath. Work was the same ritual of ginger shots and herbal teas and then I got swamped beneath a workload of doom. By the time evening came, I was so full from the fourth juice that I had to force down a few sips of juice 5! I really enjoyed the juices, but the grapefruit one was my least favourite. But, I knew it was important to stick to the schedule and get all the citrusy goodness into my body so I drank up regardless – we all have different tastes after all! Just remember to persevere, no-one said this was going to be easy.

This morning I woke up feeling accomplished, light and happy. And with a super flat tummy if I do say so myself! I made some steamed broccoli with lemon juice for breakfast and still drank some hot lemony water. It’s important to ease back into eating with fruits and veg on the first day, some avo etc on the second and then on the third you can introduce some protein like chicken if you’re a meat lover. I did miss my juices so I bought one from the canteen (yes, they stock Juiced Co!) to sip on like a real addict. Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for… my weight loss.

Sorry to disappoint ya, but I didn’t weigh myself. I was so determined to make this about how I felt physically as opposed to a number on a scale. And man, I feel great.

You can order your juices or Renovate Cleanse at juicedco.co.za
You can also grab a juice at El Hombre and Holdens Spar on Florida Road.

Juiced Co Juice Cleanse: Day 2


A few tears and other symptoms…

Just because I completely endorse the idea of a juice cleanse, doesn’t mean that it’s not one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It doesn’t mean that I won’t have a little whine or moments of “WHY ON EARTH WOULD I SIGN UP FOR THIS?!”. It’s because I believe so whole-heartedly in the necessity of juicing that I haven’t buckled, that I haven’t snacked and have been able to keep it relatively together.


People ask if there are symptoms of a juice detox. Well, yes, poisonous toxins are leaving your body – of course there are side effects! But the effects of those toxins living inside you are far worse. I had no side effects until yesterday afternoon when I started experiencing a slight rash, aches and pains, sweats and weakness. I knew it wouldn’t be comfortable to detox, and this was a huge eye-opener. So many gahdamn toxins are being released and yet I live a relatively healthy life? It just makes you realize that the bad stuff can build up from stress and linger from one or two boozy nights and social ciggies. I don’t think I will ever be the same after this in terms of recognizing what I put in my body. By the way, you’re not supposed to feel great while detoxing; it’s the long-term effects you’re going to enjoy.


I started feeling a physical hunger yesterday as well as mental one. Here’s how to deal with it:

1. Loads of lemony water
2. Knock back them herbal teas
3. Read up on other juicer’s experiences – a quick internet search will remind you others have done this and lived to tell the tale
4. Journal about your experience
5. Keep busy and distracted
6. Remind yourself it’s mainly a mental hunger
7. Finish all your juices, even if there are ones you’re not so keen on!


Yesterday I woke up, meditated, drank hot water with lemon and sipped on my ginger shot and herbal tea at work. It was easier than day 1, even though I started experiencing some physical effects. I even went to a beach braai in the evening and stuck to my beetroot juice! I have also not been taking any pills or allergy tablets while cleansing, opting for natural nasal irrigation and dry brushing to help the process along.

One more day to go and already planning my victory meal  – Steamed broccoli with lemon juice 😉

Order your juices and cleanses at juicedco.co.za


Juiced Co Juice Cleanse: Day 1


I am sorry for the things that I said when I was hungry…

You know those people who get super angry when they don’t eat? The kind that get dramatic when they haven’t had a snack in the past 2 minutes? Yep, that’s me. I’m not the kind who “forgets to eat” (yes, we all have that friend) so I knew this juice cleanse would be more of a mental challenge for me than a physical one.

I believe whole-heartedly in juicing and have done so for a few years. A juice cleanse ain’t no foodie fashion fad or quick weight-loss fix, it’s a (gag) “lifestyle change”. Naturally you might lose some kilos during a juice fast, but you’ll pile ‘em all straight back on if you hit up the pizza and Coke right after. Juice cleansing isn’t all about weight loss – the motivation and benefits are far further reaching than that. Benefits include:

1. Juicing helps you absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables
2. It helps jump start a weight-loss or health programme
3. It clears your body of toxins and helps alkalise it too!
4. Gives your bod a chance to rest from digestion, so it can channel its energy into healing, restoring and repairing other areas.
5. Boosts immune system
6. Resets your tastebuds


And a whole lotta other goodness from getting veggie and fruit juices straight into your body. The main difference between blending smoothies and making juices, is that juicing removes the pulp and fibre from the juicy nutrients so when you gulp a glass of green, the good stuff can get absorbed straight away.

A lot of people asked me why I don’t just make my own juice cleanse at home if I have a juicer? Well the Juiced Co juices are all cold pressed which means their juicing machines are a lot more geared up to extract the most juicy goodness as possible, in the best way possible. They also give you juices that have all the right nutrients, vits, natural sugars etc to make sure you’re not actually starving yourself over a longer course of 3 days. When juicing at home, it’s easy to make some juice to get going in the morning, but I am not nearly skilled enough to plan and make a 3 days worth of balanced goodness.


Day 1 was a roller-coaster of emotions. Physically I was ok – mentally I was the hungriest I had ever been and really had to pep talk myself to get through the day. The juices were delish and side effects minimal at this point, it was just a very hard mental game to skip trips to the canteen or meet-ups with my mates for a cappuccino.

I woke up, meditated and guzzled some hot water with lemon. At work I made a yum Pukka herbal tea and swigged back a zingy ginger shot, before hitting up Dare – the first green juice of the day. Being a seasoned juicer, I am used to the taste of veggie juices. I powered through the day by keeping busy and glugging water and treated myself to a swim in the sea with the boyfriend after work before my nut, date, vanilla, cinnamon and Himalayan salt juice, Bliss! I aided the detox by soaking in an epsom salt bath and sipped on the last juice of the day (a green juice) while watching the final few episodes of season 2 of GOT (SO ADDICTED!).


I felt a little weak and dizzy by the time I crawled into bed but woke up this morning to discover that I wasn’t dead. Wish me luck for day 2!

Order your own juices or cleanse from juicedco.co.za


3 Day Juice Cleanse with Juiced Co!


I’ve been challenged to a 3 Day Renovate Juice Cleanse thanks to Juiced Co.

Here’s what all the hype is about…

I’ve been home-juicing and researching the benefits for over two years now so I can confidently say that juicing is not passing fad. Instead I’ve experienced some kick-ass health benefits and have made juicing a daily habit. 

I have however, never done a full-on juice cleanse so I will be blogging daily about my experience – the ups and the downs – for those of you also wanting to take the jump. I know there are plenty of my healthnut friends out there who’d dig something like this. 


The Juiced Co Renovate Cleanse consists of five 500ml juices a day as well as ginger shots and herbal teas to sip in between. When my frozen bundle of joy arrived today, I raced home to pop bottles (ha!) into the freezer and stick up the handy magnetic timetable for my fridge. I will thaw the first 5 tomorrow evening and begin juicing away on Sunday. It was also mark day 1 of the Kris Carr 21 Day Crazy Sexy Cleanse that I did about a year and a half ago and have always wanted to do again. 

(PS: All these references are hyperlinked – so just hover above and click phrases like “home-juicing” and “Kris Carr Cleanse” for more info!)


While I know juice blogging is far from new news in other parts of the country, I am so happy that Juiced Co has branched out from Jozi and into Durbs, because up until now I haven’t been able to find a local juice supplier in the 031.

You can check out Juiced Co here, on FB here, Twitter here and on Instagram right here. 

Wish me luck!


Castles and Cappuccinos


Every so often, you come across a little gem tucked away in between the status quo and busy bustle. This veggie cafe, snuggled in Hillcrest as part of a re-purposed 1950’s castle, is the perfect example of said gems.



Thanks to my dad, I came to find out about Conscious Cafe at the Castle – a vegetarian cafe with plenty of vegan options too. No cool creds to me, it’s all Mr Kelly here. Smoothies, juices, wraps and all – this Indo-Indi haunt of my dreams had me wondering why I didn’t know about it until now.



The castle was built over 60 years ago when the ‘crest was all mall-less forestry and has now become home to this cafe, a tattoo artist, a hypnotist and a crystal shop. It’s pretty much earthy hippie happiness in one single spot. I have to admit, this place was breathtaking and a complete culmination of every childhood dream I had of faeries and unicorns. Vine creeps up the abandoned areas and dilapidated look-out towers and pathways twist and wind around the gardens. 



The gardens are host to veggie patches and soon, an in-house organic shop. The food is fresh, hella tasty and could convert a few meat lovers I’m sure. Basically, it’s a retreat for those looking for peaceful Sunday coffee in and amongst a bonsai garden and Buddhist prayer flags. 




The cafe has previously been hired out for functions and hosts talks, music gigs and other events to keep an eye out for. You can pop in for food and juices from Tuesday to Sunday and experience the place that is a successful blend of my childhood fairytales and adult environmental ideologies. Deep. 



Hit the click through link at the beginning of this post for more info and don’t forget to peep Soul Crystals while you’re there for your next nut milk chino.

Smoothie Criminal

Here are some of the yummy breakfasts that I have made during our Vegan Awareness Month event. I try only have liquids until lunch time, to allow my body to break-the-fast a little more gently and have a little extra time to repair and rest. However, these smoothies and juices keep you feeling full and satisfied.

I find that if you switch up vegetable juices with fruit smoothies, that you avoid detox headaches and getting over the green stuff.

Seeings as our little event turned into a lovely community, we decided to make it into a Facebook page,inspired by my dear friend’s new website – Plant-Ed. Luke and Brett are both active veggies who aim to educate others on how to lead a plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle. While Luke is a vegan, Brett and I are still trying to wean off the cheese, so all are welcome, regardless of where you are at with your eating patterns.

The aim is just to inspire and motivate others to increase veggie intake, irrespective of what the moral/ethical/environmental reasonings are.

Plant-Ed is a platform for positive vibes, wicked recipes and community support. You can join our little Motley Crew, here.

Veggie Love and Green Juice for All!

J xx

Spring Onion and Mushroom Quinoa

In honour of Vegan Awareness Month, I will be posting some of my tried and tested, chopped and changed recipe ideas.

Here’s one for a simple quinoa I made, inspired by recipes around the interweb and the method used to cooked risotto.



Red Onion

Spring Onion

Punnet mushrooms of your choice

Freshly and finely chopped garlic and ginger


Olive Oil

Himalayan Salt

Cayenne Pepper

Knorr Vegetable Stock Pots (optional)

Coriander for dressing




Dissolve one Veggie Knorr Stock Pot with hot water. These guys be hella tasty and are also gluten free and veggie-friendly!

Add one cup of raw quinoa to a pot with two cups boiling water and the stock mixture. Bring to the boil, reduce heat and cover. You will need to check on this often, giving it a stir and tasting it when most of the water has reduced. If it is still not cooked through, add another cup of water and reduce until desired texture is obtained. Slowly and surely makes for yum quinoa!


Wash and chop a red onion, a few spring onions and your punnet of mushies. Crush or grate a few cloves of garlic and a knob of ginger.

Yes I said knob. Grow up.


In a pan on a low heat, gently saute the garlic and ginger in some olive oil and then add in the two kinds of onion. Low heat = nutrients that stay in your food! So don’t blast the pan on a high temp to cook your food quicker, the meal will be ready soon enough, Rambo!


Once the onions are translucent, add the chopped mushrooms and sprinkle on the salt and cayenne to taste. Douse with the juice of half a lemon and leave to simmer in the pan.

Once the water in your quinoa is reduced, and it has a nice soft, nutty texture, add it to the pan of mushrooms and slowly stir the ingredients together. Once the flavours have all blended, serve with a sprig of fresh coriander or a side salad et voila! Vegan Nirvana!


Throwback Thursday: 40 Days and 40 Nights of Veganism

Over two years ago I gave up all animal bi-products for a belated lent.

I called it 40 Days and 40 Nights of Veganism and you can read my motives and thinking from way back when in 2011 here.

Since then I have been vegetarian, pescetarian and meat-curious. But it’s been over two years of keeping meat out of my meal plans.


Somehow, when I go back to finding my spirituality it always draws me to two things: Yoga and Vegetarianism/Veganism. Both of which I have been admittedly a little slack with since returning from a good stint in India and then finding my groove with a new job and new living environment within the concrete jungle. Although these things are all going rather well, my dad (and Buddhist mentor) had to go and ask me the following glass-shattering question after I rattled on about my new found balance:“But are you still doing your practice? Do you still make time for a little spirituality?”. Dammit dad.

He’s right. Things are going good so naturally you’re not on your knees asking and hoping and praying.But you can’t fire on all cylinders for too long without attending to your mentality.


     (Molly The Pet Pig : Makes eating pork ever again, impossible.)

So I find myself setting up a shrine again and as a result,for whatever reason, leaving even seafood off my plate and dabbling in the idea of a plant-based diet. However,I remember after my lent in 2011 that I wasn’t a particularly healthy soul. I think I chose a very bad time to drastically alter my diet. I was in full swing of my last year LLB and was trying to find the energy to pull all-nighters and scribble up my dissertation. As a result I didn’t investigate how to do this properly and pretty much didn’t eat anything at all.I briefly took up smoking and drinking black coffee during this time which was a little counter-productive to the intentions I had to begin with.

I do think South Africa lacks in many of the products and restaurants it takes to be a good vegetarian/vegan but it’s doable with a little research. 

Now I have armed myself with books and recipes to try and leave animal products out of my diet as much as possible. I don’t think it will be a 24/7 thing but maybe just the start of some revisited and improved habits. Luckily a few searches in the Google Machine armed me with the most current and up to date info and blogs so I can start planning this all out and reigning in my eating habits. A little less milk,sushi and eggs for me!

Here are a few little Vegetarian posts I’ve done for those of you interested in the same route:

The Best Veggie Burger

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Earthmother Organic

Also try out my favourite Food and Health Blog:

Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth


J xx