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Juiced Co Juice Cleanse: Day 3


While the side-effects and hunger pangs were at an all time low yesterday, I was definitely on the emotional side of a juice cleanse. So my super supportive boyfriend sent me these lovely flowers and a card! Finished. 

My mom and bestie have also been awesome at cheering me on and sending supportive messages – trust me, you’re gonna wanna have a few people in your corner when cleansing!

Day 3 I woke up and sipped some lemon water while taking a soothing bath. Work was the same ritual of ginger shots and herbal teas and then I got swamped beneath a workload of doom. By the time evening came, I was so full from the fourth juice that I had to force down a few sips of juice 5! I really enjoyed the juices, but the grapefruit one was my least favourite. But, I knew it was important to stick to the schedule and get all the citrusy goodness into my body so I drank up regardless – we all have different tastes after all! Just remember to persevere, no-one said this was going to be easy.

This morning I woke up feeling accomplished, light and happy. And with a super flat tummy if I do say so myself! I made some steamed broccoli with lemon juice for breakfast and still drank some hot lemony water. It’s important to ease back into eating with fruits and veg on the first day, some avo etc on the second and then on the third you can introduce some protein like chicken if you’re a meat lover. I did miss my juices so I bought one from the canteen (yes, they stock Juiced Co!) to sip on like a real addict. Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for… my weight loss.

Sorry to disappoint ya, but I didn’t weigh myself. I was so determined to make this about how I felt physically as opposed to a number on a scale. And man, I feel great.

You can order your juices or Renovate Cleanse at juicedco.co.za
You can also grab a juice at El Hombre and Holdens Spar on Florida Road.

Back To Basics


For the most of the time, I use this blog to keep you up to date with the ongoings of Durban. I throw in some fashion, recipes and music every so often and then sometimes, I use it as an online diary to log and sort my personal thoughts. Seeings as I have gotten some beautiful and inspiring messages from people who have come across these posts and felt inspired and connected by them, I think it’s safe to continue to have the odd Dear Diary moment. And to speak obnoxiously in third person. 

Dear Diary

Jenna has the propensity to keep on keepin’ on. To charge ahead through life and problems and do her best to be as good a person as possible. Then sometimes, sometimes, she needs to take stock and treat her soul to some rest and personal compassion. 


If your life has been a roller-coaster of work, trying to get fit, holding down a relationship, keep a social life going, work, make nice with exes, navigate your crazy mind, follow through with personal endeavours, keep up your hobbies, work, mediate family dilemmas, care for pets, plan travels, find new housemates, plan meals, try to lose weight, consider getting your teeth whitened, freelancing as a journo, looking for new pillows, rearranging your room, trying to catch a tan, cleaning out the juicer, applying for a credit card, praying that your car will start, watering the pot-plants, signing up for the Midmar Mile and getting a manicure then maybe you also need to sit and take stock and give your damn mind a rest and your soul some sweet, sweet lovin’. 

Here’s how I am going to do it, so that I can remind myself that I am only human. There’s also some pretty pictures.


Jenna’s To Do Take It Easy List:

1. Light incense every morning 

2. Drink more ice cold water and yummy homemade juices


3. Remind myself that I am a fucking soldier. And a fucking goddess, too.

4. Do yoga in my pj’s. FREE THE BOOBS!


5. Allow myself to be angry with people from time to time. I don’t have to be the epitome of peacelovemoretolerance ALL the time. If I am being treated unjustly then I should love myself enough to say FUCK YA’LL. I know this seems contradictory to a peaceful state of mind but accepting your darkest feelings is largely therapeutic. 


6. Speak my mind. I bite my tongue to often.

7. Stare into space

8. Float in the ocean and bath with flower petals. Who knows maybe birds will dress me in the morning too. 


9. Snuggle my pets

10. Get another tattoo because they make me happy. 



Lots of love dear readers, I hope that you are always reminded of your self worth and for the little things to be grateful for and to celebrate. 

Collateral Healing

India was not going to be my trip where I came to “find myself”. I wasn’t go to eat, pray and love in north India with the rest of the tourists and I wasn’t coming here to have spiritual enlightenment with the help of a Buddha reincarnate. But I knew however that spiritual experiences were going to be a collateral part of coming to this country. I didn’t have to come here seeking some deep soul moving moment, they would just happen naturally. After all, I am staying in a part of India called “God’s own country” and amongst hindus who believe in over 36000 gods, so someone has to be listening to my subconscious thoughts and trying to expel my personal daemons. So this is where I have found my peace, in amongst the daily madness of submersing myself into the daily lives of India’s people, living like them and with them, instead of experiencing a cushy, glamorized part of this country. I can say I became an Indian. Not just a passerby or a visitor. This will be the country I have lived in for the second longest amount of time after South Africa. But boy, I’ve realised, she still has so much work to do with me…