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The Ten Minute ClubI recently held my first networking and careers event. 

Here’s the full story behind it…

Held at ArtSpace Studios in Durban last month, I hosted 6 speakers and a crowd of about 140 people! (I’d dreamed of having 40!) We had beer by the amazing From The Zee Brewing Co. and good vegan chow by Mantra on sale, as well as some music, a vibe and a lot of meeting and greeting!

Careers and networking event

The venue starts filling up!

The premise of TTMC is basically 6 different speakers across various careers or side hustles, give a brief but engaging 10 minute presentation on the ups and downs of their profession. That way, people from all walks of life, ages and careers can get a quick breakdown without committing to a longwinded seminar, presented by some big-shot CEO who makes your dreams feel more intangible than achievable. Just real people, happy to help you break the career ice!

Writer Meg Rich

Our first speaker – writer and editor Meg Rich

So, where did the idea come from? Here goes…

When I was in matric – I pretty much thought that the sum total of careers out there consisted solely of the stock-standard doctor, secretary, fireman roles, and that’s how I landed up struggling through four years of a law degree. I wish I’d been exposed to the fact that careers range from beer-brewers to free-lance economists to thrifted clothing store owners and that there are so many industries to look into. I wish I’d been able to think for myself and be honest with what I was good at and what gaps in the market I could have filled.

rapper ByLwansta

Rapper and Hip-Hop artist, ByLwansta

Then when I finished my degree, I realised that I didn’t for the life of me want to be a lawyer, so I landed up living back at my mom’s house, lost and frustrated until I got the idea to start a blog and a small accessories business. At the time, I learnt all I knew through trial and error (and Google) but I wish I had of had one connection or someone I could have spoken to for tips and advice and maybe a boost of confidence.

Comedian Dylan Shawn

Comedian Dylan Shawn

Now I’m settled into my career in advertising. But sometimes I feel like I’m not pushing myself, not innovating enough. Not being the best I could be while I watch friends around me do amazing things – from starting businesses to turning hobbies into cash, and I started wishing I could be contributing to Durban in my own way too.

So this event idea is my way of turning these “wishes” into a space where people can learn about other industries, or network and connect with people in their own line of work. It’s not another “cool kids collective” – but an idea for a chilled space where everyone from a suited up accountant to a struggling fashion designer has a chance to share their stories, and offer themselves up as a source of advice to those in need, or potentially other people looking to partner up or collaborate.

Stylist Ndumi Iman from Mindovermatter

Stylist Ndumi Iman from Mindovermatter

Whether it’s someone in matric looking to expand their minds about career opportunities, or someone with a full-time job looking to change fields, or perhaps it’s someone who’s just kickstarted something and looking to collaborate with people in their same field – the idea is that this can be a space to break the ice and start networking so that small ideas can become big plans. It’s not about top tier success stories, or CEO’s preaching how it’s done – it’s about everyday people sharing their real, tangible stories about their careers with those looking for a jumpstart.

From The Zee Brewing Co

Brewer Rudi Van Der Zee

If you missed out on the last one, then make sure to like TTMC on Facebook for future event announcements. Then next one will most likely be in September!

careers and networking speakers

My Dream Team!

Were you there? I’d love to hear your feedback below 🙂

J x

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2 thoughts on “The Ten Minutes Club

  1. Rosemary

    It was quite inspiring to have people from so many different careers, share their previous studies and paths with us and to find out about their now present journey. It brings awareness to those craving to start their dream careers, hobbies and projects.

    You have opened up a great source of inspiration to others and awaken a need for skills sharing and advice giving to all of those with side hustles.

    Looking forward to the next event and who will be talking next! 🙂


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