The Morning Rave


Kick off your Saturday nice and early with coffee, capoeria and chow. 

Morning Raves have taken the world by storm and thanks to a bunch of cool kids, Durban is hosting their own energetic early morning session. What you may ask, is this morning rave of which you speak? Basically it’s a way for people to get together and carpe that motherf!cking diem. Think dancing, jamming and socialising at 6am – sober.

To some this might sound like some sort of fresh hell but I think the idea of getting together for an energetic vibe sounds just like what people need to unwind after a hectic work week and a newsfeed filled with depressing ish.

So set your alarm and come do something different. It all kicks off at 6am at 8 Morrison with live music from Durban’s much loved Veranda Panda as well as other SA faves. You can dance, yoga, chow down and drink up – what’s not to love?

Check out the FB event page here for more info or book your tickets here. 

Best news? I’m giving away a double set of tickets. Just head to my FB page here to find out how to win ’em!

J x

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