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thrifted vintage accessoriesWhy, where and how to shop vintage and thrifted fashion in the 031. 

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a sucker for a little retro, thrifted fashion. Why? Lots of reasons, baby!

  1. They just don’t make clothes these days quite like they used to in terms of fabric, quality and construction.
  2. The fast fashion world is second to oil in terms of its devastating effect on the planet and people – upcycling clothes is MUCH more sustainable and eco-friendly all round.
  3.  Vintage finds are often once-off and unique, meaning you probably won’t see 10 other people wearing the same thing that day. *coughszaracoughs*
  4. Supporting local vintage shops is good for our community economy and my own wallet too. Double score!
  5. I get such a high out of finding an original, retro garment – whether it’s a pair of legit mom jean Levi’s from the 90’s or a cute-as-a-button 60’s frock. It’s like next-level treasure hunting.
thrifted vintage fashion

Some of my fave finds. From the denim jacket and leather bomber to the faux fur and classic camel coat – all of these babies are thrifted.

So if you’ve been swopping clothes with your hombres to keep your wardrobe fresh but want to really join the fashion recycling movement, here’s where to head in the 031.


mindovermatter thrifted fashion

Stylist Ndumi Iman, is the fashionable face behind a curated collection of upcycled, vintage wares. From iconic leather jackets to personalized garments, you’re sure to take home a piece of quality and originality from Mindovermatter, situated on Station Drive. Honestly, half my wardrobe is all thanks to Ndumi!

The Vintager

the vintager thrifted fashion

Amanda Jaffar has an eye for vintage – both for your wardrobe and for your home. Whether you’re looking for something really out there (like a floor length, Matrix style leather coat, no jokes) or a simple staple like a trench or patterned tie, head to The Vintager for a range of epic finds for both him and her. You’ll definitely be inspired once you see how Amanda and her husband pull off their own trendy threads – they’re so freaking stylish. 

Vim and Verve

vim and verve thrifted fashion

Situated in Durban’s popular 8 Morrison business hub, Vim and Verve offer a curated collection of wardrobe must-haves. Colourful silk scarves, revived chunky knits and fifties-inspired fit and flare dresses adorn the racks with Durban’s trendiest flitsing in and out of the change rooms, making vintage look so easy. Seriously, how does everyone in that shop just look so damn cool?

The Thrift Collection

If you’re looking for a little less vintage and few more contemporary finds, then The Thrift Collection is your go-to. Plus you can also sell your own items to the TTC if you’re hoping for them to go to a good home! 

Seriously, whateveryoudo, don’t throw away clothing. Turn super old ragged tees in cleaning cloths or donate clothes that are in good nick to the SPCA or Hospice. If you’ve got prettier pieces you just don’t wear, then why not sell them on a site like Second Hand Durban? You get cash, someone else gets to take those unworn heels and show them a good time on the town.

You can also try Eclectic off of Florida Road for some crazy accessories (currently going through an OTT brooch phase) or Vintage Quirkiness at Antiques Cafe on Churchill for some gorgeous vintage finds. For more modern thrifted wares, check out Jaguar Trades on Instagram for epic once-off pieces. I also love popping into the SPCA stand-alone store next to Maytime Spar in Kloof – my mom and I once copped a legit Yves Saint Laurent trench from there for about R140!

Finders keepers 😉

J x

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