Indonesia travel

Travel Dreaming: Indonesia

indonesia travel

As per usual, I’m getting that wanderlust feeling and wondering where we’ll jet off too next. Come on an Indonesia daydream with me for a minute…

I’ve been fortunate to visit a few places around the world – but not nearly enough in my opinion! From (attempting) to ski on the Austrian Alps, to walking around barefoot in India, I just can’t quite get enough of packing a bag, boarding a plane and submersing myself in a new culture and destination. You guys all know how excited I was about my last trip to China – I did a pre-packing, shopping haul and round up post! And a WHOLE lot of Instagramming…

So I find every spare cent or moment goes towards planning my next trip. While I have so many places to tick off on my travel bucket list, Indo is definitely looking very appealing at the moment. Sun, beaches, incredible food – just to name a few of the top points! And yes, I’m going to say it, I wouldn’t mind staying somewhere a little snazzier than my usual host of backpackers lodges and questionable motels (Something like Fairmont Jakarta would do quite nicely 😉 ). After this crazy year of work, personal projects and the daily grind, I need a little real R ‘N R – and a tan! I’m definitely on the paler side of summer.

Indonesia travel

Waterfalls? Yes please!

I think I love the idea of jetting off to Indo because I’m a beachy gal who really needs a sun-soaked, cocktail-infused, beach holiday, and judging by all the dreamy Pinterest pics I’ve seen of Indo (Jakarta in particular) it just looks like the most incredible place to vacay! Palm trees, turquoise ocean, white sands – you know what I’m talking about! It’s also just that little bit, not-as-touristy as some other Asian adventures such as Thailand, so I think you can still feel like you’re doing a little bit of exotic exploring – But I could be COMPLETELY wrong, I’ve never been! (Yet)

Plus, it’s not just all beaches in Indonesia. Museums, monkey forests, temples, ah-maz-ing food, volcanos and diving (all I want is to free dive with dolphins and I’m determined to make this happen in 2017!) I think after weighing up all my next travel destination options, Indo just seems to tick lots of boxes. Plus in comparison to some other overseas travel spots, it’s a relatively cost-effective destination!

Check out this post on 49 Reasons to Visit Indonesia or the Wonderful Indonesia Website if you’re not inspired yet!

Indonesia travel

Why yes, I’d love to go swimming with jelly fish!

So I guess I need to stop feeling envious over my traveling buddies when they post insane underwater shots or snaps of riding bikes through rice fields (you guys know who you are!) and just book the damn ticket! It’s just so easy to get sidetracked in the rat-race of work and bills but I have a feeling a little trip to Jakarta is just what my soul needs to recharge.

Wish me luck in the travel plans! Have you ever been to Jakarta/Indo? Please tell me about your experience in the comments below as well as any tips and tricks you might have J

J x


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