Tree Huggers ASSEMBLE!


Small things you can do errday to help out Mama Earth!

Everyday I read more and more posts about how we’re heading into global warming catastrophe or the next ice age or how there will be no fish in the ocean by 2048. I don’t know whether we’re going to fry to death or freeze to death but either way you can’t deny that our selfish and destructive behaviour as humans isn’t going so well for the planet.

It gets overwhelming trying to be a recycling vegan on a bicycle who grows their own food and nurses stray dogs while picketing against GMOs, but the truth is that there are little things you can do that can make a big difference.

Here are some of the ways in which I try and do my part. I’m far from a perfect earth-dweller and there’s still a lot I hope to do, but if we all challenge ourselves to pick one cause and run with it, that’s where sustainable change can happen!

  1. Be a conscious meat eater

I recently posted this Facebook status which sums up my thoughts on the consumption of animal products:

“I’ve tried to never be a vegetarian-basher, keeping a rather relaxed and fluid attitude to my food preferences. But the more the world falls into catastrophe and the more info I read into the sheer hell that is the majority of the meat and dairy industry, the more it seems a more extreme attitude needs to be adopted. I’ll never tell anyone to become vegetarian/vegan, all I will ask is for everyone to be aware. To be educated. To know where your food and food products come from. To make some sort of cognisant connection to your food and the repercussions there of. ‪#‎staywoke‬

Basically, just at the very least be aware where your animal products come from and make an effort to cut back where you can. I do think vegetarianism is important and strive every day to take that to the next level with veganism but taking part in a Meat Free Monday is just as brave and helpful to the environment, the economy and the animals. Especially now that most of our chicken will be imported from ‘Merica. Yuk.


2. Bin those microbeads!

You know those cool face scrubs and body washes you’ve got that boast that they’ve got “MICROBEADS!”? Well microbeads are just tiny balls of plastic that get washed down your sink and into the ocean and onto the beaches. Just throw them away or keep them out of your shopping basket. It was hard for me to do this too, I get you, but you can make a mean scrub with sugar or coffee instead. 


3. Choose your products wisely

I’m still in the process for swapping out all my beauty and house products for ones that aren’t tested on animals or full of chemicals. When you realise what you’re doing to your body and the environment with these products, it’s unrealistic to think you’ll just toss them all away and buy new ones (unless you’re like, super rich) but it’s great to get the ball rolling by starting to introduce new products in one at a time until eventually you have a beauty cabinet or kitchen cupboard filled with cruelty-free, chemical-free products. You can shop the best in natural shampoos, detergents, soaps, creams, make-up etc right here:


4. To print or not to print?

Do you really need to print that 50 page presentation or entire email chain at work? No? Cool. And if you do, make the effort to chuck that growing wad of paperwork in the recycling bin. If your office doesn’t at the very least have a paper recycling bin, then you need to smack your boss upside the head. Or maybe try keep your job and just suggest getting one instead.


5. Turn it off

Unplug your unused charger, switch off the fan in the room next door or let your hair dry naturally. Not only is this kind to the planet (and Eskom) but to your electricity bill too! Double score.

6. Give palm oil the finger

This is one I’m still working on in terms of researching what products use palm oil. Basically because of the increased need for palm oil, the production of it is causing mass deforestation and habitat degradation. Poor orangutans. You can read more on it here:


7. Say nay to Nestle

They’re just a bad company guys. From admitting to child slave labour, to stating that “water should not be a human right” – they just suck. Give the Smarties a miss – they don’t taste so great these days anyways. This article breaks down all the Nestle controversies here.

Right tree-huggers, so which one are you going to challenge yourself to or are there any other ways you try to do your bit? Would love to hear so comment below! 🙂

J x


*All images courtesy of Pinterest. 

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