Nwabisa Denim Palace

Yaaaas Queen!

Nwabisa Denim Palace

A chat with my latest style and girl crush, Nwabisa from Denim Palace. 

Vintage denim – my favourite wardrobe item. That’s why when I discovered Denim Palace – a shop dedicated to reincarnating classic denim pieces – I practically broke out into song. I started following DP on Instagram and was lucky enough to bump into the boss lady and Denim Royalty, Nwabisa Ntlokwana, at Durban Fashion Fair. I’d interviewed her for my Sunday Times column but shyly approached this gorgeous human being to introduce myself. Dammit – not only was she super chic but perhaps the nicest person IRL too. So, I thought I had to share my chat with her. Check it!

Hey Nwabisa! Give us the lowdown on Denim Palace.

Denim Palace is a clothing thrift shop that I started twelve months ago, because friends would normally ask me about all my thrifted denim jeans. Thanks to them, they brought it to my attention that I actually had a really had a great eye for good denim pieces, not to mention the love I have for this timeless type of fabric. I have also started styling with denim and recently worked with fashion brand Legit, on their Spring denim campaign.

Where does your collection inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from the streets. Honestly, I love the authenticity of street style because it’s so original and refreshingly creative.

How do you curate or rework your denim pieces?

 Most of our pieces are thrifted but we like to upcycle them, or give them a modern custom twist. However, we also try keep the original vintage features intact.

Nwabisa Denim Palace

Nwahh making denim look easy.

Whats your favourite piece in store at the moment?

 My favorite pieces are our denim jackets, simply because I get a chance to play around when it comes to re-designing them. It’s so much fun since every item is so different, plus the current badges trend has us adding badges and distressing features to give each jacket a trendy, custom look. We love that fact that you get something truly unique from our store that no-one else will have!

 Amazing! Any future plans for Denim Palace?

We’re currently manufacturing our own denim collection and are also looking into opening an online shop to meet the demand. We’re also passionate educating people more about denim as well as sharing styling tips and more!

Where can we get our hands on your goods?

You can shop via our Instagram @denimpalace or Facebook. We also courier all around SA.www.facebook.com/denimpalace




*The original article first published in Sunday Times Neighbourhood. 

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    1. Jenna Post author

      Hey girl! Unfortunately they closed down their physical store but you can shop via their Instagram X


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